Recalled Notice: X-Men Grand Design #1B (Corner Box Variant)

I love the thrill of the hunt for a flip. Here is one. Marvel has recalled X-Men Grand Design #1 B (Corner Box Variant) and asked that copies not be sold until copies can be replaced.
No explanation yet for why it has been recalled, but copies have sold for $13.50 already. There is only one seller on eBay with copies available for for $12 plus shipping.
This is one to ask your retailer about tomorrow while you are out grabbing your new comics. Not all retailers check their mail from diamond and copies may slip out for sale.

6 thoughts on “Recalled Notice: X-Men Grand Design #1B (Corner Box Variant)”

  1. I was told that not all stores received their copy in time and stores were to hold it – out of fairness I guess.
    Headlopper 8 was recalled this week. To be destroyed due to an error with replacements coming in a few weeks.

  2. Yeah seems it was a timing/order issue. Great for those who were able to sell them for profit with the recall label but sucks for those who bought it as such, seeming there wasn’t really a recall due to an error/controversy but just an ordering issue. LCS said it should be out next week, but guess we will see.

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