Spoilers: Doctor Strange #383, Depowered Strange Gains New Powers

Doctor Strange #383 is out this week. It is written by Donny Cates. Cates has done a good job dropping some surprise endings in his last couple of issues. If you haven’t been following along with the series, then you are missing one of the best runs on the series in a long time. Steven Strange has been bested by Loki, who is now Sorcerer Supreme. Last issues we got a surprise return of a dead character. We get an interesting twist ending this week as well. Spoiled images are hidden under spoiler warnings. Click the spoiler warning images for the hidden images. The accompanying text is not redacted, so proceed with caution.
This week, Steven takes a long road to somewhere mystical.
Reference to the Button
He makes a deal with the tree of life
Reference to the Button
Fully unreacted spoilers in comments for people unfamiliar.

3 thoughts on “Spoilers: Doctor Strange #383, Depowered Strange Gains New Powers”

  1. Steven crosses the Rainbow bridge into Asgard. He makes a deal with Yggdrasill, the world tree, and gains the powers of an Asgardian god. He is now the God of Magic. Makes sense since Loki has taken the role of Sorcerer Supreme that Strange would become an Asgardian god.

  2. Doctor Strange 383 seems to be soldout at stores. At ebay, Doctor Strange 382 shows higher prices for sales. Unexpected hit?

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