Skybound Megabox December 2017 Unboxing

I love Megabox from Skybound. It is the one subscription box I really look forward to because it is quarterly. I just got in the December 2017 Megabox and cracked it open. Check it out below:

12 thoughts on “Skybound Megabox December 2017 Unboxing”

  1. Nice. The only box I still have is the Star Wars Smugglers Bounty. I gave my little one the Poe Dameron X-wing pop from last month.

  2. they need to change theses boxes name to the 95 percent walking dead boxes
    and do we really need yet another cover to 115 (weren’t there about 15 of them when released)

  3. You need to make like a 2017 year winners. My number 1 would be TAH 22. And separate the regular and variants. I love this site. Keep up the good work next year. Merry Xmas and happy new year
    Thanks Kevin.

      1. Dont forget God Country #1 was a big winner this year. Sure it’s cooled down now but I’d say its Images biggest winner of the year.

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