Ones to Watch: Stabbity Bunny Self Published Issues

We have mentioned Stabbity Bunny on the site several times. We have even done two give aways the self-published issues (raw 1-4 and a signed graded 9.8 #1 variant.) Stabbity Bunny will be released from Scout Comics on 1/31/18 (according to Diamond) and is a must pick up for me, however, searching eBay turns up the self-published issues are doing incredibly well.

Not many Stabbity Bunny #1 Self Published copies have come up for auction, however, the ones that have sell nicely. Recently closed auctions show the regular cover self-published book selling for $34. A set of the Variant cover and the Wizard World variant selling for $100. A single copy of the variant has sold for $57 by itself. There are only two self-published copies up on eBay currently, a CGC 9.6 blue label and a yellow label CBCS 9.8 signed by Richard Rivera (not my copy.) The graded copies have some activity, the 9.8 signed copy has 13 bids and is currently at $212.5o. The 9.6 graded copy has a huge price tag of $799, granted, people can list at any price but that doesn’t mean they will get it, but the seller keeps dropping the price by $100 each time they re-list it, so at some point the will get some nibbles. Richard Rivera, the writer of Stabbity Bunny, has been sold out of the single issues for a while, so there is no chance of getting more from him, I have tried. The Scout Comics release will be out at the end of next month.


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    You bet that ain’t the Comics Heating Up signed copy on eBay–I’m not giving up my awesome comic I won anytime soon!

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