New Comic Spec Review Video for 1/3/17

Anthony from hosts a weekly video spotlighting the hot new books of the week. Here is this week’s fore delivery 1/3/17:

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  1. A Marvel burn spec video. They have a couple of titles dropping next week that we’re worthy of mention. GOTG #150 (Beautiful Alex Ross A cover and the return of Adam Warlock) X-Men Grand Design #2 (Issue #1 was well received) and even the launch of a new Rogue and Gambit mini series. Not sure if it will be any good, but multiple covers and at least worth noting.

    1. I’m checking out the GOTG only because of Adam Warlock myself, but I don’t expect it to heat up or be a spec play though. But it’s definitely noteworthy I think.
      My guess is they’re gearing up for the new Infinity War Avengers movie coming up so we’re gonna start seeing a lot of Thanos and old characters come around with this new Legacy reboot…

    2. Marvel just doesn’t have much going on. Besides Dr. Strange and Thanos, that’s about it. The only Marvel title I read is All New Wolv. , and that’s occasionally. I did just pick up a copy of Dr. Strange #381 and 382.

      1. Thanks this week kicked major butt. Moon Knight drooped a bomb on the last page that could be paying off for years. Gonna write that one up tonight.
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      2. Thanos #13 is seeing some nice heat on the interweb. Last few sales on feebay have been for $25+, shipped. I hope Marvel lets Cates have free reign with his stories. I just realized I picked up Cosmic Ghost Riders 1st and Cosmic Carnage’s 1st these last 2 weeks.

    1. It is not a new character or first appearance. As a long time Batman Fan I always enjoyed the “no powers” aspect of the Batman family. Putting a meta on the team just doesn’t appeal to me. I like signal better when he was just an everyday guy.

  2. I think the one thing I need to change for 2018 is maybe buy more quantity. I seem to buy only 1 maybe 2 to sell when I should buy bulk and sell all those first 2 weeks after release. I need to take more chances. I’m too conservative.

    1. Conservative is sometimes good, you don’t lose as much. I try to buy bulk only when I know I can flip them at profit. I’ve also bought too many and lost gambling. More times you’ll find yourself losing if you buy bulk all the time as the market is too unpredictable.

      1. Thanks Poyo. Its always a gamble you’re right. But what is it that makes you say “ I’m buying 10 of these”. What’s the trigger that says this $3 book is gonna sell for $10,20 or $30? Sold out at midtown? TAH 22 I just had a feeling and got extremely lucky.

        1. Its always a but feeling… And sometimes you end up burping some vomit into your mouth. I got extremely lucky when I loaded up on Seven to Eternity #1…. The only thing that book had going for it was it was written by Remender. I bought 7 of each cover (although I wish I bought 21 of cover A). I already made my money back that also paid for 3 x 9.8 signed graded copies of each cover a, b and c. Now I’m sitting on a few left when it ever gets that media deal.

      2. Another thing I’m just now trying is free shipping. I’ve actually put 2 of the same books one w free and the other for around $3 shipping in an auction. The free shipping sold for $15 while the $3 shipping book sold for $4 plus $3 shipping = $7. It is a gamble but I seem to get more bidders when they see free shipping

        1. Yes…. I’ve done the same tactics as well. Ive even sold the same book say for $10 + $3 shipping and the other at $13 + free shipping and the one with free shipping sold first.

      3. I always think about the bulk too. But Poyo is right. I’ve learned that flipping a few copies of any particular for 2x-3x-4x your initial investment, then sitting on 1-3 copies of that book for the long haul. That way, I’ve made a nice ROI already and gave one to say I have one, or sell, if it blows up down the road.
        If you were to buy 50 copies of a book that you were speccing on, for $5 each, and flip them immediately for $20. You then have $1000 ROI. You can then take that ROI and invest next week in another book for a quick flip. Rinse and repeat for 5-10 years. Not gonna do the math, but flipping for small profit, consistently will pay off better dividends then sitting on the initial 50 book investment for the same period of time. If a book is hot, and your intentions are to sell it, then sell it while it’s hot. Who cares if you don’t have a bunch of copies in 5-10 yearswhen they are worth $200, because you already would have profited long ago on that book. Also, if something were to happen to said books while you stored them for 5-10 years, then you get nothing back. No regrets in the flip game. Sell, sell, sell and don’t look back. If you missed this weeks hot book, you’ll get another chance almost every week.

        1. I sell sell sell and sometimes keep one back. That way it’s paid for, I have my ROI ready to move into something else, and I have one for the collection in case.

      4. That’s essentially what I do too. Sell what I got while it’s hot, keep 1 or 2 now that I now have zero investment in them, and cross the fingers. I’ll see where I stand in 21 years (I Plan on selling off my collection when I’m 60ish).

    1. It already did slightly, now it’s dying back down since everyone else got their copy as well. Best bet is to hold, it can either heat up later on or not. But I think the window for flipping is now over, at least for now.

  3. For anyone interested I just found some Rick and Morty Spanish editions on ebay. I’m not sure if there is any spec’ potential but I grabbed a couple just in case.

  4. Thanks poyo. I am just getting back on comic book collecting, had a brief shot in mid 90s then stopped abrupt. I read your convo with kevin on “flip, gambling”. Recently I bought 4 copies of batman white knight #3 variant, holding it then will sell if it will go up more than $12 or 15.

    1. I ended up with four copies. Sold three and kept one. I like the story and want one for myself. My $12 cost (I get a discount) has been tripled already so I am happy. I have a ton of comics as it is so I do not like to keep inventory if I don’t have to.

  5. I just got back from a lil excursion to some further LCS’ I don’t normally visit. I pulled a whack load of Metal books and Tie ins from them along with a few DS 382 and Thanos 13s. Two full runs of Bats out of Hell, some Gotham resistance and some later 1 shots. Picked 1 copy of Red Death 2nd print. All these books have been ghosts in my regular Wednesday stores. Flippy flippy time. ?

      1. It worked out nicely for me. I hit up a 3rd LCS today and found a JL #33B (cool mash up head shot cover) and a green arrow #32 and a Suicide Squad #26; the last issues I needed for the Metal Tie ins. When Metal started, I wasn’t planning on buying all the tie ins. I only had my TT12s. Since Metal has been as good as it has been, I now want to read the tie ins too. I’ve been looking the last few weeks and could only find Night Wing #29. Now I have all the tie ins to read and I’ll have at least one set of the complete Metal storyline for my PC. I’ve got 2 more shops that I normally don’t visit, that I’m going to go to on Tuesday. Both shops are hit or miss, but sometimes have some gold sitting on the racks.

  6. Good job once again Anthony. Batman once again is going to be a major pull this week. One Marvel one that may heat up is Rogue and Gambit #1 (Cover B sold out at Midtown). Given the movie spec in 2019 I think getting any Gambit, Rogue, or Mr. Sinister appearances may pay off down the road.

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