Quick Spoiler: Spawn #281, is this the New Hero We Were Promised

To me, and I would need to go back and check the solicitations, but it appears they keep changing what Issue the new hero who is supposed to get their own book will be in.

In Spawn #280, we get Cyan mentioning the Black Mirror.

Now, the solicitation for Spawn #281, out tomorrow, states:

A NEW HERO PREMIERES! Look for this exciting new character as she makes her heroic debut. Only ONE ISSUE left until the thrilling conclusion of ‘DARK HORROR!’

Is this the hero we were promised?

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9 Responses to Quick Spoiler: Spawn #281, is this the New Hero We Were Promised

  1. Jesus says:

    Wow! That’s a big hero.

  2. A. King says:

    Looks like something from Hellraiser.

  3. Mark McAlister says:

    So, after reading Spawn 281 today—-my first spawn comic ever — looks like it’s the NEXT issue we get this mystery hero in?? Or is the giant terrifying dude with red apron the hero??

  4. This guy made an appearance earlier on, either issue 279 or 280. It was one or two panels, but I’m certain it was him, same costume, but not giant-sized.

  5. Shawnclive Crandon says:

    This looks really looks dangerous

  6. over inflated bubba says:

    before anyone goes crazy on any spawn issue, who was the last major character introduced in spawn?

  7. The new character is supposed to be a Woman, though, right? That clearly looks like a bare-chested Man…

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