Spoilers: Green Lanterns #38, A New Villain Introduced

The A Cover to Green Lanterns #38, out tomorrow,  gives away that there is going to be a new, female, villain in the book. The title gives a lot of the story details as well. But over all it is a pretty good read. Here are the spoilers for Green Lanterns #38. It is sold out at TFAW, Midtown,  and Mycomicshop (there are a few listed on ebay for cover price, this one that has 3 copies for $2.69 each.) The spoiled images are protected. Click on the spoiler warning to see the spoiled images. The accompanying text is not spoil protected. Proceed only if you do not mind spoilers.
On the planet of Ungara, a civil war is being fought, and the two Green Lanterns are there to help. We meet the warrior president, right off the bat, and jump into the action.
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We also meet Liseth, the President’s daughter who is willing to help bring in one of two new villains, Kesh Cur.
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Seems Liseth has some history with him.
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And we meet the new villain, Kesh Cur
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Who, while battling the Lanterns…..
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Looks like Liseth was of help after all.
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But wait, maybe that is what the title, “Betrayed on the Red Tide” meant
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15 thoughts on “Spoilers: Green Lanterns #38, A New Villain Introduced”

  1. So liseth is the new villian? Wouldn’t issue 33 be her first appearance then? And Kesh first appears in issue 34 acting quite villianous…
    So what’s the key issue here?
    I have dropped this series already back after issue 32. Been reading it digitally but I don’t think this reveal is enough to get me back on board.

    1. I don’t read the series. There has been much chatter about a new villain. If she appeared previously then I honestly do not known what the big deal is. I just provide the spoilers.

      1. She has appeared about three times already, but not as a villian. Still, not enough to make it a key issue. In my (Often wrong) opinion at least.

    2. Yeah, I stopped reading this series a little while ago so no idea what is up. I’ll tell ya this, there is certainly a bunch of hype with this issue right now and that always means strong sales. Regardless, if there is a true first appearance or not the book will probably sell over cover for a little while. I would think a good short term spec book at least.

      1. I’ve sold 2 sets of cover A&B. I picked them up as they were sold out quick at the big LCS I visit. I then got home and read the spoilers and Brennan’s analysis and figured this holds no long term value. So, I listed them ASAP and both sets sold pretty quick at $16 US shipped and $18 US shipped. I have a 3rd set sitting in my hold box at my main LCS. I have that listed st $15 + shipping. ? I think issue 34 will be the one to own if this turns out to be anything.

      2. It may even be worth grabbing as many 33’s as possible before people catch on. My shop had one copy of 33 and no 34 so I just grabbed 33. I had dropped the title after the previous arc.

  2. In trying to acquire copies of 33 and 34 I noticed that liseth is on the (A) cover of 34. The prices are less than cover in most cases with shipping around 3 to 4ish.

    1. Yeah, they will have to do something big with her for those issues to move up much. Still, not a bad idea to pick one up at cover.


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