Rick and Morty #34 Exclusive Blank Sketch Variant Available

Fans of Rick and Morty, or anyone who collects or speculates on the comic will want to check out this one. Now through Monday 1/8/18, Frankie’s Comics has a deal on Rick and Morty #34 Exclusive Blank Sketch Variant. 
Frankie’s has commissioned an exclusive Blank Sketch Variant for #34, and for the next couple of days, they have a bundle that includes the A cover, the B cover, and the Exclusive Blank Sketch cover for $15.99 plus shipping. The blank is limited to 500 copies.
Here is the solicitation for issue #34:

The Life and Times of Krombopulos Michael! Learn the secret history of the Gromflomite who “just loves killing” in this special issue written and drawn by Kyle Starks (Sexcastle, Kill Them All). Plus, another backup comic by Magdalene Visaggio (Kim & Kim) and Marc Ellerby!

The deal is only good until Monday, so do not sleep on this if you want to jump in on it.

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  1. I got an email about this yesterday, and I guess that thing I said about not buying any new comics this month is out the window. I made it what a total of 5 days. OK……….from here on out no more buying.

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