Attack of the Killer B’s: Supergirl #18 Artgerm Variant

DC has been killing it with their cover price variant program. Instead of doing high priced ratio variants featuring big named artists, they have focused on cover priced B variants featuring big name artists. Supergirl #18 Artgerm variant continues the trend. Artgerm is starting a nee series of covers focusing on Supergirl and her different costumes through the years. Supergirl #18 Artgerm variant is the first one, and he nails the classic 1950’s pinup style. check it out below.

24 thoughts on “Attack of the Killer B’s: Supergirl #18 Artgerm Variant”

    1. Me too. I’m also happy that the style is getting new blood. That cover is his best yet for the Supergirl B’s, IMO.

  1. I echo everybody else’s comments. I collect all the War Stories bombshell covers, and this fits in that exact same vein. Love it.

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