One Year Later: Spec Review for 1/4/17

What up CHU Believers!?!? Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday season! Shawn B., the One Year Later Investigator, here, sorry I have been MIA for so long. Had a lengthy vacation and then had some minor health issues for the past month. Wasn’t fun. I even missed out on some recent key issues that came out. But I am back and look forward to starting out 2018 strong with the spec reviews.
I am starting to get more data on historical values of some of the specced releases. So I have added a new Quick Flip Winner section that you will start seeing from time to time. I have also started re-watching Anthony and Terry Hoknes’ spec review videos from a year ago and will be adding some of their specs from them.
I am psyched to be back and hope that everyone has an incredible year of speccing and collecting. That being said, let’s get on with the review.

A​​                                                                                B​​
Underworld: Blood Wars One Shot – Poyo, Anthony Pick
Original Value: $7​ Current Values: A-$??, B-$75, C-$125
Wow! Can’t determine regular cover value but I can say there are none for sale…. anywhere. The 2 Variants can be found at an expensive cost. Copies signed by Kate Beckinsale and graded have sold for up to $650. Guessing there is a following here.
Quick Flip Winners

A                                     ​​B​                                    ​ C​                                      ​ D
Marry Me #1 – Anthony Pick & Poyo Specced on Cover C
Original Value: $4​ Quick Flip Value: A-$8, B-$8, C-$20, D-$6
This one has since kind of fizzled out. There are many for sale close to these quick flip values, but the few recent sales are closer to original cover value. That C cover was hot for a while.
Near Misses

Heavy Metal #284 Savage Sword of Jesus Christ By Ken Kelley Variant – Poyo Pick
Original Value: $9​ Current Value: $10
Not a winner but close. Lots for sale from $10-35. Unsure of any quick flip opportunity.

Unstoppable Wasp #1 Incentive Elizabeth Torque Variant Cover – Mel & Poyo Pick
Original Value: $25​ Current Value: $15
Not a ton of sales here to get an accurate value. But in general the series never really heated up.
Unspecced Winners

Harley Quinn #11 Frank Cho Variant
Original Value: $3 ​Current Value: $8
Anthony must have started his HQ Cho Variant kick shortly after this.

26 thoughts on “One Year Later: Spec Review for 1/4/17”

  1. That bloodwars is hot and a ghost. I slabbed a cover A 9.8 cbcs and within 12hrs I had 4 offers. I sold it for $75 and felt like I short changed myself.

  2. I always thought the word quick flip should be replaced by facilitator. Quick flip has such a negative connotation.

  3. I’ve been sitting on a Marry Me #1C that I picked up on release day. I missed that initial flip window and I finally sold it today. I’m totally thanking this article for that sale. Thank you.

  4. Did any see the Mattina Metal #2 Frankie’s exclusive that went on sale today? Not as good as the fishhook cover, but very nice in its own right.

    1. If the Fishhook cover was the King the Mattina 2 took a swipe at the kings crown and barely missed ..fantastic cover

    2. It was very and sold out very quickly. Sadly it went on sale at the same time my son had his basketball game today. He shot the winning basket with about a second left. I feel good for missing buying the book when I was cheering him on to victory. But a damn fine looking book.

  5. Underworld covers are and were a dominator! I had several signed by Kate and all sold pretty much instantly. Cover C was created specifically for a Kate signing in 2017 as an FYI! Tough to find unsigned.

  6. I had Underworld Cover A listed for almost a month and didnt get one nibble. Maybe thats changed now but a few months back it wasnt moving at all.

      1. Yea, what’s up with that? Is the print run like 100 each cover or something? Put yours up for $199 and sell it “cheap”

        1. I think the people who have the Cover A listed at $200+ are confused by what they actually have. This is not a $200 book… maybe the variants are as they’ve sold for good money but those were near impossible to get, not Cover A.

        2. Actually, to make this a book worth flipping you need to do the following:
          1. Find a con that Kate Beckinsale is attending (seems she’ll be at Salt Lake City in 2018, tickets are $218 for the VIP celebrity access signings)
          2. Spend hundreds or thousands attending the con (cause it’s likely out of state from you and see above).
          3. Sign up and likely pay $150 or more for tickets to get Celebrity signings access.
          4. Stand in line for an hour or longer to get Kate to sign your graphic novel.
          5. Make sure you had CBCS or CGC witness the signing.
          6. Spend more money to send off to get graded.
          7. Get book back and hope for 9.8. Sell for $300-$600.
          Net profit = Negative money more than likely for most.

            1. Yes, that is true. Seems she goes to a lot of cons but I’m just talking nonsense if you didn’t know people who were willing to get something signed for you… the costs involved. You’d have to pick up other things to flip, etc.

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