New Comic Spec Review Video for 1/10/18

Anthony from releases a weekly video spotlighting the weeks hot new comics. Here is this week’s for delivery 1/10/18:

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  1. I just sold a Musings #4 w an early Hellboy cover for $152. Really feels good. Bought for a dollar about a year ago. Just thought I’d share

      1. So rare and such an incredible feeling when it happens. I’m “jacked” when I buy something for $1.00 and sell it for $15.00….

        1. Yup. People may dog the small and $10 dollar flips but I sort of look at it like this… If I hand you $4 and then you hand me back $10…. I’ll do that every damn day of the week.

      2. Completely agree. As long as you have an outlet for those books, low hanging fruit like that is gravy all day, every day.

    1. Thanks guys, by the way….what’s wrong with marvel? Seems like all covers and stories and flips are DC. Marvel movies yes. But the last year from stories to covers are really bad. I’m an amazing Spider-Man guy and I’m sick of the j. Scott Campbell variants ruining the regular covers potential.

      1. Just what you’ve said is why I think there was a change in the Editor in Chief roles. Axel Alonso is out now….and hopefully, this will be a catalyst for better stories and art moving forward. It’s hard to imagine it being much worse….

      2. Maybe he should have tried just one more re-boot before he was ousted—HA! It’s still surprising how many readers I run into that totally dumped marvel because of the garbage they have created over the past several years. The “House of Ideas” has been running pretty damn empty….

      3. Marvel is definitely in a bad place. I’m hoping Cebulski can turn it around.
        In the meantime I’d check out any Marvel book by Donny Cates or Matt Rosenberg. Every Marvel by Cates(yeah, there’s only 5) has gone to second print.
        I don’t think there’s as much heat around Rosenbergs books but they’re great reads. Only a matter of time before people discover them.

    2. My best cheap flip for a big profit is when I found the small self-published, “My Friend Dahmer,” comic that came out some years before the book in a dollar bin at a comic-con right before the trailer dropped and took it from a $15 dollar comic to one that made me $50. Even after eBay fees and shipping that’s $40 pure profit!

      1. I think one of my best flips (based on profit % from price paid to resell) would be when I found some Batman New 52 issues 2-5 in the dollar bin at Half Price Books at the peak of Batman New 52 prices. I sold them as a lot for $130 or so. I paid $1 each, so $3 total. After eBay/PP fees and such, that’s what, probably a $110 profit.

    1. Terry is still going to be doing them. But for time constraints with a lot going on he hasn’t been able to get the videos over. He will be doing separate videos in the future.

  2. Having had the chance to read the first and second issues of, “Stabbity Bunny,” in advance so I could review them for my blog, I think my 5 out of 5 stars I awarded the comic shows I think the hype is justified!

      1. I always feel guilty when I do some self promotion of eBay selling… then Tony goes off and links to my eBay sales without even telling me. So I figure it’s all good… I think my last plug was in good favor and cause, I was using the funds for beer money for NYCC.. 🙂

  3. Hi thanks for this as always!
    Noticed there’s a dejah thoris Campbell red edition but it’s priced at nearly $300 from a shop…
    Is that insane or is there some good reason for he price?

    1. No. He is insane. It’s a .25 cent book. At most (including all the copies it took him to get it) it would have cost him $25.25 at cover price. Most likely it cost him about $17.
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      1. I bet you could too—I’m impressed with your drawing skills Poyo. That was one fine depiction of Spongebob you drew on that package!

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