Black Panther Mondo Glass Designed by Francesco Francavilla

Mondo Con has come and gone but that’s not stopping Mondo from releasing some really cool tumbler glasses, particularly one for the upcoming Black Panther hitting movie theaters this February.

The really cool thing about this tumbler glass (they’ve done other exclusives but this one by far stands out as the best designed in my opinion) from Mondo though is they are designed by one of my personal favorite artist Francesco Francavilla.
Mondo is very selective with their products. I think they put out some really great quality products in fact. They also keep their stuff pretty exclusive and limited.

So with that in mind, you can only get these glasses by buying your Black Panther tickets at Alamo Drafthouse. Yes, that’s right. In order to get one of these glasses, you have to buy your Black Panther tickets where you pick up your glasses as well only at Alamo Drafthouse Theaters, which is pretty limited with it’s locations around the U.S.

These could be easy flip worthy for those that can grab a few. These have not been the first Mondo Alamo exclusives but like I mentioned previously, this one is one of the first to really catch my attention (even if it wasn’t a Francavilla, that’s just extra icing on the cake for me).

12 thoughts on “Black Panther Mondo Glass Designed by Francesco Francavilla”

  1. This glass looks awesome. I also am a big fan of Francavilla. Not too many Draft houses around. Which is a bummer.

  2. #awesomesauce this glass is big pimping . is there a way to see all the locations of the Alamo draft hosues in the usa?? like is there a draft house in either las vegas or n.y.c.?? I love you guys and I am glad to be back
    blind adam out

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