Comic Picks of the Week for Deliver 1/10/18

Each week hundreds of new comics hit the stands each with potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 1/10/18:
Big Week this week. Let’s jump right in.
Returning Favorites
Barbarella #2 – The book itself is not a favorite, but Cover B is done by Paul Pope, who is a big fan favorite of mine.
GI Joe A Real American Hero #247 – I dropped off GI Joe a while back, but I have been back in since they started the female Snake Eyes thing, the gimmick worked.
Stray Bullets Sunshine And Roses #31 – One of my all-time favorite books, I have been a fan of this Baltimore based crime-comedy for a long time.
Pestilence #6 – Zombie outbreak in the middle ages, characters who die off all the time, yeah, like Walking Dead used to be. Good read, easily approachable.
The One With the Superstar Cover
Flash #38 Francesco Mattina Variant – this is already sold out in many places online. Grab a couple if you see them. Mattina has a huge following and these may be good short term flips, but save a copy or two back in case these heat up long term.
For the Cover
Harley Quinn #34 Frank Cho Variant – I know most of these do not heat up, but I really like Frank’s art.
Harley Quinn Be Careful What You Wish For Special Edition #1 Chad Hardin Variant – Hardin has a great following and is easily approachable at cons for signings.
Justice League of America #22 Doug Manhke  Variant – This book could actually be the sleeper of the week. DC has something surprising planner for issue #23, #22 could be a pick up that people miss
Supergirl #17  Artgerm Variant – Artgerm mixes it up again on issue #18’s cover, but do not let this one slip by. The sets are going to be great.
The Odd Marvel on the List
Old Man Hawkeye #1 – Picking up 10 years before Old Man Logan, looking forward to visiting this world again Will have a huge print run and probably not heat up, but Old Man Logan had a ton of fans.
Small Press Gem
Atlas & Axis #1 – This one is starting to sell out on line and looks to be a really good read. I like all ages books, and they are not heavily ordered, so this one will slip by shops.
The Quick Flip
Rose #7 Cover B Variant Loopydave Cover – Gonna give Mel credit for bringing this to my attention. This cover is already selling for as much as $20 shipped. Not a bad flip. This series has had some great covers, I think the eBas variant is better but this one is doing well.
The Pick of the Week
Stabbity Bunny #1 – We have been telling you to buy this one for a while, not only because Richard Rivera is a friend of the site, not only because it is a good read, but this book has a lot of potential long term. If these get into Hot Topic, the early books will be on fire.
That is it for this week, let us know what you are spec-ing on. And in case you missed it, here is this week’s New Comic Spec Review video for 1/10/18:

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  1. Has the Joe run been any good Anthony? I tried GI Joe ARAH about 2 years ago. Read 10 issues but didn’t enjoy enough to continue. I really wanted to like it, as it was a huge part of my childhood, but the writing was to military technical, if that makes any sense.

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