X-Men Red Variant Info, Phil Jimenez Gets the Remastered Treatment, and Rob Liefeld, JTC, and Scottie Young Covers as well.

X-Men Red #1 is out in stores on February 7th 2018. Here is a full break down of the covers along with the ratios, and the ordering incentives retailers will get for hitting ordering thresholds.
The adult Jean Grey is back and running a team of her own. Her team consists of NIGHTCRAWLER, NAMOR and LAURA KINNEY (A.K.A. ALL-NEW WOLVERINE, A.K.A X-23)

X-Men Red #1 – The regular cover is done by Travis Charest. Retailers will get discounts for ordering more (as is Marvel’s MO). Retailers get an extra 15% off if they order  by FOC (Final Order Cutoff, January 15th.) Additionally, they will get 10% extra off if they order 150% of their Phoenix Resurrection #1. Not a bad deal, but this cover will be plentiful .

X-Men Red #1 Blank Variant – Retailers have to order 100% of their Phoenix Resurrection #2 orders to qualify for this one. There is also a John Tyler Christopher Trading Card Variant that will be unlocked at the same order threshold (cover image not available.)  There is a Skottie Young variant that retailers must meet the same criteria (cover image not available.)

X-Men Red #1 Charest Headshot Variant – This is a 1:10 ratio variant done by artist Travis Charest.

X-Men Red #1 Mahmud Asrar Variant – This is a  1:25 ratio variant

X-Men Red #1 Rob Liefeld Variant – This is a 1:50 ratio variant

X-Men Red #1 Jimenez Remastered Variant – This is a 1:500 ratio variant

X-Men Red #1 Jimenez Remastered Black and White Variant – The big boy, this is a 1:1000 ratio variant

51 thoughts on “X-Men Red Variant Info, Phil Jimenez Gets the Remastered Treatment, and Rob Liefeld, JTC, and Scottie Young Covers as well.”

  1. What is Marvel on 1:500 and 1:1000? I thought that was a misprint but there already a 1:50. I donno I dont even like them… I figure only like Midtown will qualify and theyll charge something crazy like 500 or 1000 bucks… For that kinda cash I could buy something awesome

  2. Holy Christ…..is it me or are these variants pretty awful. These “Headshot” covers continue to be absolute blights on the cover art landscape. More Marvel mush imo…..

    1. I’m with you, Vann. Nothing special. Pass. I am however picking up 1 copy of the regular cover to read. I like X23 and will give the book a shot. 1 arc, maybe 2.

  3. Liefeld gets a 1:50……….was marvels entire staff on vacation?………only variant he should be drawing are the 25cent kind.

    1. Jesus….what can one say about the Liefeld variant. If there was a new artist trying to break into comics and firstly, they smeared this shit on a page….and secondly, they tried to sell this as a high priced variant, there is no way they would have any lasting power whatsoever. Just look at those trashed body dimensions on the figures….bloody awful.

      1. So true. I like some of his work, but when you look at Jim Lee’s work for comparison, you realize Liefeld is in a totally different league. I love how in this one Namor looks like he’s punching Jean Grey’s spine out of alignment and then all the characters are puking on Liefeld.

    1. There are some covers….regardless of any potential increase in value, just absolutely irk you. Liefled’s variant is this book. If it goes up in value, who cares? Does anyone truly want this in their collection? Or is this the “Ugly Betty” must have? I love the Giant’s super-enormous foot in relation to spatial dimension + the block body of Namor. Great work all around.

    2. I bet even casual site visitors picked up on your sarcasm—these covers are frightful.
      Is this the official “end” of Alonso’s previously contracted artist work with Marvel or can we look forward to more gems like these?

      1. I could say Marvel is about 50/50 for their covers. They have some great artists doing great covers for them. Then there’s times like this. I don’t understand on these big books when they have 5-8 covers and the best one is Cover A. One would think they would do really great covers for the higher ratio’d variants to boost demand but if you ask me, 9 times out of 10 I usually go with Cover A and have zero desire to seek out the other variants when they’re complete garbage compared to the regular.

  4. As far as spec goes, I would watch this on previews in case a new mutant is introduced in this series. As everyone does, I also think that Disney will be pushing XMen hard, so I think all X titled should have one eye kept on them.

    1. The woman in the right corner on the Asrar cover is a new character I think? Triage or something something like that? Has she appeared before?
      Not 100% sure.

  5. Very good point. I was mainly focused on the art, but if this book has a new key figure with staying power, then this Liefeld masterpiece eyesore may be something to keep in a paper bag until you unload it…..

    1. Yeah, I’m all X-Men’d out anyways (have been for a few years). Seems their stories are redundant.. Humans hate mutants.. Jean loves Scott.. or is it Logan now.. just like a really bad ongoing soap opera from the 80s. We get it already…

  6. I think this is Liefeld’s way of getting back at Marvel for the way they ripped him off of his work. Liefeld does some amazing art and this 1:50 ratio is no where near what he can do. Just my opinion.

  7. Also, if I ran my own comic book store. I would probably never carry Marvel variants since I despise their ordering techniques to qualify for variants.
    To get this variant, one must purchase 150% of what they ordered of Book X a month ago.. blah blah blah. And I’m still more a Marvel guy over DC.. but running a business, I wouldn’t let “want” takeover business decisions which sadly I think occurs. Most of the time Marvel variants lose more value than gain. Even key issues, regular covers tend to demand more anyways.
    Only in rare occasions we see the variants shoot up in value but then again, one could also claim the winner still is Cover A. If cover is was $5 while Cover B ratio variant started off with an asking price of $50 (this is all moot if one finds it at cover price, some shops do that still)… Let’s say Cover A becomes a $100 book and the variant becomes a $500 book. Which one wins? One could argue Cover B wins, cause it’s worth more but theoretically Cover A is still the winner if you break it down to percentages and the math.
    So, Poyo still stands by.. “Always bet on Cover A” when it comes to comics. Buy low, sell high. That’s who you make profit flipping books.

  8. Just thought I should share this info with all of the Rick and Morty fan. Mc Donald’s released a limited sauce called Szechuan sauce. This sauce if you find one is going on ebay for $200-$300 for 1.

  9. How any shops will really order 1000 copies of another x book? There’s so many x titles always on the go that no single one of them really matters anymore. I’d probably buy X-Men if they only had two titles but they don’t, they have something like 37 of them currently? I don’t know, I’ve lost count. Poyo’s the math guy.

  10. What about the X-Men Red #1 JeeHyung Lee Variant? That virgin sold out in less than 5 minutes online. It is hot!!

      1. New X titles are such a dime a dozen. I like the variant but great X23 store variants haven’t done much on the secondary market in my experience with the Venomized X23 and some of the Weapon X X23 store exclusives which are top notch looking covers. But I’m sure someone out there is dumb enough to pay twice what they were charging at the stores selling this exclusive. They had them 9.8 cgc Graded for $100 with a non graded trade dressed copy, the set without the cgc was $55.

  11. That Liefeld cover is an eyesore! Namor’s face looks like it was flattened with a steam-roller, with his eyes out of sync. His rigid body posture looks like a swipe from an image of Wolverine popping his claws. X-23’s Wolverine costume has never looked like that… is it new or is it something Liefeld pulled together because he wasn’t using a reference? And should her legs be so far apart? And she’s the only person actually touching the ground yet she looks like she is about to tip over, and striking the ground at that angle is probably painful. And what happened to the big guy’s right leg? Did Kurt lose the forked tip of his tail and now just has a mouse tail?

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