Poyo's Spec and Drek for January 17th, 2018

It’s that time again, every Tuesday evening, CHU releases all these articles for the upcoming new comic book Wednesday. The day we all think about new books and forget everything else that’s important in life while dreaming of what books we’ll be buying and possibly flipping come Wednesday morning.

This week is a little more exciting for me. Why you ask? Well, it’s just a good indie book week. It’s filled with enough indie books that I’m not even bothering with a Small Publisher pick as I got several indie books on my list for this week.
Also as a side note and a shameless plug, I’ve been listing a ton of books for sale as I’m doing a huge comic purge (yes, I have way to many and they just have to go). There’s a mixture of BIN and Auction Listings starting I think at pretty reasonable prices (like the $0.99 auctions, let the bidders drive up the prices).
For all you CHU regulars and readers, anyone who bids, wins or buys any book I have listed that’s over $25, I’ll wave the shipping costs and send via USPS Priority. All you have to do is send me a message via eBay after you buy or win an auction with your CHU handle and tell me how much you love Anthony. If a BIN tries to make you pay immediately, you can either pay with shipping (and I’ll refund shipping) or message me and I can send an offer for the price which will then allow me to send an invoice after you’ve accepted the offer without shipping. But remember, $25 or more qualifies and you gotta message me (you don’t really have to tell me how much you love Anthony).
You can find my eBay current listings at Poyo’s Auctions. I have around 40 or so now but plan to keep adding as I’m sorting for the next few days.
DC/Vertigo Pick
Hands down this is my pick based on artwork alone.
This weeks DC pick goes to Joshua Miller.. err, Middleton (yes, I’m poking fun at you Anthony) Aquaman #32 Cover B. It’s just another killer B cover. Already selling out online and if I recall correctly, Midtown sold out within about an hour of them listing them last Wednesday.
This won’t likely command big money but it’s the type of book you grab for the personal collection, maybe an extra for the long term gamble.
I also have to mention this weeks creepy looking cover has to go to Superman #39 Chris Burnham regular cover art.
This cover art is just weird and creepy to me. What’s up with the werid baby looking kid face in the astronaut outfit while Superman is carrying him (or her, hard to tell).
Is this Goodnight Moon a reference to the classic children’s book “Goodnight Moon” perhaps? The description claims this is “Super Sons of Tomorrow Finale” so I’m not even sure what this cover is about, just that it creeps me out.
Oh a little known fact about Poyo here.  I can recite Goodnight Moon by heart. I use to read it so often to my kids at bedtime that I would just close my eyes while rocking them to sleep and read the story while turning the pages, knowing each page without even looking. I think a few times I almost would put myself to sleep.
Marvel Pick
This weeks Marvel pick goes to Mark Brooks (I love his style, I think he’s underrated and deserves more praise for his cover art) Avengers #676.
This is a regular cover as well, so there should be no issue in finding this one. I wouldn’t even bother with the other covers, especially if your shop jacks up the price for the variants.
Also be on the lookout for the Venom Inc. Omega #1 Dell Otto connecting variant but don’t pay a heavy premium for this cover. If you miss out, you’ll likely find it cheaper on the secondary market.
To those who got the first cover, good luck completing your set at a cheap price. Sometimes it sucks being a completist (I’m not just the president of such club, I’m also a client). It drives me nuts at times if I attempt a cover set and can’t complete it.
Indie Pick
This weeks first indie book goes to Strangers in Paradise XXV #1.
Terry Moore is a master writer and creator. You can tell he puts in some great thought and work into his stories. His style of art is pretty top notch as well.
Like Anthony mentioned in his spec video this week, this has been optioned so might be a good pickup to hold for the long term gamble.

The next book I think will be first, hard to find and second, a great flip is Call of the Suicide Forest #1.
With this infamous forest in the news lately from that YouTube reality star who decided he would film an episode with a dead person in the background, this book might be buzzing since this forest is fresh on the mind for some.
Usually I would deem something like this as in poor taste but I’m hoping this brings some much needed awareness to all the poor souls who feel they should give up on life.
Life sometimes sucks but man, you got one chance to live in my opinion. Try to make the most of it I say. The universe is massive with a bunch of unknowns, take advantage of the life you were given.

The last indie book on my list is Alterna cheap newspaper print book Go West #1.
First of all, I love revenge stories. I’m not big on seeking revenge myself but who doesn’t love a good revenge story. Secondly, I might not come off as the type who loves Westerns, but I love Westerns.
I grew up on movies and even watching all the TV Western reruns on Sundays. Probably my favorite of all time was Rifleman on TV. Love me some Rifleman.
From the description:

Now seeking a life of peace, ‘Slade the Blade’ used to be one of the deadliest men in the New West. But when his family is brutally murdered, Slade embarks on one of the grimmest, grittiest, and goriest tales of revenge that the world has ever seen.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.
This was an easy pick for me. This weeks avoid goes to Ales Kot’s new book Days of Hate #1.
Why do you ask? Well, if you like a story to start off strong and then you lose interest about half way through the first book, this is likely a good candidate for such thing.
I’m not trying to knock Ales Kot (who am I kidding, yes I am), but for me, his last few books were just awful. There’s also that good chance you’ll never see an issue beyond issue #3. It’s like he gets bored or ran out of ideas and never finishes the story.
I’m just not going to put much faith into Ales Kot new stuff. He should write for Black Mask, I just get the sense he puts out a book with the intention of only releasing a handful to pay the bills, then move on to the next idea for a book and we suffer, never seeing a conclusion or closure on the story we invested time and money into.
If you really want to read his stuff, just wait a few months and I’ll pick up his book for a buck out of the dollar bin for you. Even then my local shop can’t even sell his books it seems. I think they end up just tossing them out as the number of books never seem to diminish over time from the dollar bin but then magically one day they’ve all vanished.

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