Stabbity Bunny is on Fire: Set of 1-5 Self Published sells for $1900

We have been on about Stabbity Bunny for a while now, about 6 months to be exact. The Scout regular edition are selling for $10, the variant sets are selling for $75, and the self published versions are selling for a lot more. A set of Stabbity Bunny 1-5 Set closed out over $1900.

The Stabbity Bunny 1-5 Set closed at $1925 with 44 bids. That is a pretty big price for the self-published set.
Will be interesting to see what the Scout ends up selling for.

17 thoughts on “Stabbity Bunny is on Fire: Set of 1-5 Self Published sells for $1900”

      1. Supposedly that issue #5 is really hard to find. But yeah, great for seller but whoever bought that wasn’t too bright or just has a ton of money to throw away..

  1. We’ve all made mistakes with purchases and overpaid. $10, $50; and I’m sure more. We know the game and no regrets or feeling bad expected or given. But I actually feel bad for this buyer. I just hope he/she has gobs of money and can afford silly (and huge) mistakes

  2. A lot of people bid on that auction. I have never been able to find a 5 or 6 yet and many others are looking as well. I never expected it to go that high, but I am giddy because I bought as many no1s of Vol 1 I could find 4 months ago.

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