Did Amazon Just Spoil Amazing Spider-Man Red Goblin Storyline?

Amazon does a lot of early solicitations for upcoming trade paperbacks. The one for Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide Vol. 9 is particularly telling. This is a spoiler post so only read on if you are interested in finding out how Norman Osborn gains the Red Goblin powers.The US site for Amazon has a completely different description of the story, however, if you go to the UK site you get spoilers. This makes Amazing Spider-Man #797 very interesting as a grab.
From the Amazon.co.uk Solicitation:

Go down Swinging! Norman Osborn has finally found a way to become a Goblin again and is gunning for Spider-Man in the biggest way possible. His new weapon? The Carnage Symbiote! There’s never been a bigger tougher Goblin/Spider-Man story than this! Collecting: Amazing Spider-Man 797-801

Comicbook.com originally reported this yesterday.

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  1. Hmmm… 797 or 798 (Dan Slott twitter post re: 798)

    1. Cameo in 797…. First full in 798…. Everyone will claim 799 is the one to buy though….. We live in a wacky collectors world. 😉

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