Wednesday Winner: Avengers #676

It is nice to walk into your local comic shop and pick up your new books on Wednesday. It is even better when the books are selling for several times cover price in the next couple of hours. Avengers #676 is one of those books.

Avengers #676 is currently selling in the $13-$15 range, it was selling for around $25 yesterday. The new character Voyager makes an appearance in the book.
She previously appeared on the Avengers #675 McKone Variant, Avengers #675 Party Variant and Avengers #675 Party Sketch Variant. She also appears in statue form on the Alex Ross 1:100 Variant.
Jim Sub will be in town next week signing and I have 10 copies waiting for him.

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    1. I bought cover A…. Don’t judge… Brubaker and Remender forced me to be on the Cap bandwagon…. Hes one of my favorite characters now in Marvel la la land.

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