Alana’s Weekend Specs: Life’s Fantastic When Your Made Of Plastic

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs. Back from my yearly 3-6 month comic break. I find it’s best to step away from my passion for comics during the holidays to focus on other hobbies, so I can return with new fire towards collecting comics. Not much new news during the holidays to miss regarding TV and film so makes a good time to break. In my comic off time I collect sideshow statues, vintage horror (toys, masks, etc.), and vintage comic toy 1st appearances. So today I would like to share some of my vintage comic toy know how with you all on some cheap 1st toys for extremely popular comic characters. Most comic characters will have their first toy in Megos, which are now really pricey and from the 70’s. But some of the most followed characters these days were created in the early 90’s. I find these 4 toys mentioned below all have great potential for future gains and cheap buy ins for you all interested in not only collecting first comic appearances but also first toy appearances. I also got some Ultimate comic specs for you as well. Let’s jump in!

Deadpool Toybiz 1992
This toy being the first Deadpool action figure is starting to tick upwards. Was found for $20-$30 a year ago now commanding $50-$100. The thing with these unopened first appearance toys is there’s far less around than its comic counterpart in this case New Mutants #98. This is a great entry level 1st appearance toy purchase, that has a bright future.

Harley Quinn Kenner 1997
1st Harley Quinn toy can unbelievable be found for $15. This is a no brainer low risk investment in one of today’s most popular characters first toys.

Spawn series 1 McFarlane Toys 1994
1st Spawn toy and start of the now established toy company McFarlane Toys, originally Todd Toys. Todd McFarlane has grown a toy empire and it all started here. Go with the masked red caped series one Spawn as it is trending upwards. A “twofer” being Spawn’s first toy and the start to McFarlane Toys. There is also a series 1 unmasked version and Medieval Spawn that are a whole lot easier to find then the masked one. Beware of the rereleases of these, they will have different cards or different color toys like gold, silver, and neon green plastic. The toy shown is the one to hunt.

Venom Marvel Superheroes 1991
1st Venom toy a steal at $10. With the movie around the corner and the huge upswing in ASM #300 prices, no reason this toy will not increase in value. There’s less of these unopened than there are ASM #300 available. If your looking for first symbiote costume toy appearance Black Spider-Man Secret Wars toy is what you want. The Black Spider-Man once was a very highly sought after toy which in the mid 90’s price guided as much as an unopened original Boba Fett. This toy can be found but the price is trending up over the last couple years but still very affordable.
Now on to the comics……..

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 1st Monica Rambeau.
She is the first female Captain Marvel and this first appearance appears in this very overlooked Spidey Annual. She is rumored to already be cast in the upcoming Cap Marvel film. This is very big news as it may hint to the future of the MCU films after Black Panther Captain Marvel and the Infinity films. With Marvel re securing the movie rights of some long lost favorites this could lead to a real Galactus movie down the road. Now Why would Spectrum Monica Rambeau showing up in the MCU lead to this conclusion?
Ultimates #1 1st Ultimates 1st Ayo
Well if we already have Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and rumored Monica Rambeau in the MCU all we need is Blue Marvel and Ms. America to make appearances to fulfill the Ultimates roster in film. So an Ultimates film with Galactus doesn’t sound so far fetched. Also thanks to the guys at CBSI who ran a article highlighting this book for Ayo’s 1st appearance recently. But there’s even more keyness to this book as the first Ultimates team appearance. There’s a few different covers 1:10, 1:25, 1:50

Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel #1 1st Antiman 1st Blue Marvel
This book already has some heat to it as both characters were recently released in the Mobile game Future Fight as well as Ms. America as a Ultimates update. This book and the whole run is also considered scarce and low print. It’s not an easy find and very few copies listed of this book. Could have potential Movie implications.

Vengeance #1 1st Ms. America
Rounding out the Ultimates team we have America Chavez who strangely enough is also Nico’s foster sister. Her comic series was recently canceled but it’s actually up for awards. Good cheap 1st appearance to track down if you haven’t yet. There is a variant as well 1:25.

Action Comics #276 1st Brainiac 5
Brainiac 5 recently appeared on Supergirl and appears he will be a reoccurring character. Not an easy find online but worth a look in old back issue bins for a cheap copy.

Green Lantern #141 1st Omega Men
Rumors the Omega Men will appear in both DC film and television starting to push this book up. This is not a well known first should be found in back issue bins.

Demon Annual #2 1st Hitman
Looks like Hitman is coming to television’s Arrowverse. There’s also talks he may get his own CW show. Dollar been searching for days on this one already going for a decent amount online.

Fantastic Four #48 1st Galactus 1st Silver Surfer
I’ve wrote this up in the past because F4 books were underperforming and might be a good time to get on this once very sought over key. But that time is over as this book is skyrocketing since the Disney Fox merger news. For good reason how else do you follow up ten years of films to get to the Mad Titan Thanos, simple answer Galactus, and what better way then the Ultimates to pave the way to him.
So there you have it friends a few toy and comic tips for your LCS and eBay hunts this week. These first appearance toys have no where but up to go if you look at what older first appearance toys are going for these days like the Megos, Star Wars, TMNT etc. it’s a good time to get on board with the Ultimates as most of these books are found relatively cheap but if the MCU does use them it will be hard to get that Blue Marvel book and the ratio variants for Ultimates #1. The Chavez 1:25 variant is already up there in price. So here’s to hoping that the cloud Galactus of Rise of the Silver Surfer will be done some Justice now that his film rights are at home with Marvel studios, until then thanks for reading and happy hunting!!!

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  1. I speculated on the Harley Quinn figurine several years ago wondering why that was so cheaply priced. It was the first figurine of the one of the most popular female characters. Unbelievable how cheap it is. Get it now. Not heavily produced either.

  2. I have used the Atom legend of the blue marvel cover as a guide for one of my own drawings. Don’t know how to post images or else I would share lol.

    1. I almost bought that last year, but the box was messed up and the batteries where dead so I had to open the box in order to fix it and that’s a big IF it even worked.

  3. Another book to take a re-look at might be FF King Size #6. (First Franklin Richards and Annihilus). A bit of a long shot now, but with the merger there is a chance both those Characters might show up at some point. Right now the prices are not too bad on this especially when considering how out of reach FF#48 is getting for most collectors..

  4. I’d like to get that 1st Deadpool figure. I have a couple from Toybiz released in ’95/’96 where he is unmasked. That Harley is def a no brained. That Venom should see an uptick. I think the 1st Carnage should as well. I have a Toybiz released in ’95, do you know what his 1st was? I think the Spawn figures will all be a good longer term investment.

  5. 1994 toy biz Maximum Carnage, I think 99% sure. It came out as a single and multi pack with Venom and Spider-Man. The animated series one came out later but same year 1994.

  6. welcome back #awesomesauce. I belive fantastic four #55 the 4th silver surfer and vs the thing is a great book to have. so is captain America s#180-183 nomad was mentioned by chris evans himself . all herlods of galaticous are worth a pimpslap of doom. as far as the figures go. there is a 10′ inch harleyq uinn that came out witht he animated line that has Harley qitht he puppies bud and lou it goes for $20-40 the first wolverine si in secret wars the black claws is the rarer of the two . first hobgoblin is also in secret wars as is ice man witch was a forgien release. super powers had the first 4th world action figures darksead kalaback ect. batman the animated series had the first posin ivy and the fantastic four had the first thanos as well as the first figures for most of the inhumans the 10′ inch maxium carnage is the way to go. there was a 5′ inch as well and the 3 pack featuring spidy/venom&carnage has fewer of it then amazing spider-mans #300&3761 combined . the first mary jane watsonf igure was in the 1995 macdonalds happy meal toys . I have more that will have to wait for thehidden gems I love you guys and thank you all for everything
    blind adam

  7. Alana – Aiya – don’t know whether I should thank you or curse you! Just won an auction of 14 spawn figures for $50! Oh well – easy choice, thanks you – keep going.

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