Spoilers: Thanos #15 The Big Reveal

Thanos #15 is in stores tomorrow. It is sold out at Diamond and going for a second print. It is already selling for $15 on eBay. The reason, the identity of the Cosmic Ghost Rider has been revealed, and you will not see this one coming. See below for spoilers.
The images have been redacted, click the spoiler box to see the spoilers.
First, a clue.
Reference to the Button
Did you figure it out?
Reference to the Button
That should do it

35 thoughts on “Spoilers: Thanos #15 The Big Reveal”

  1. I was gonna make this my Marvel pick but decided on the Dell Otto. But meh, I’m not really digging Frank Castle as the new Ghost Rider.. I hate to say it but it’s kind of lame and makes me sad. Frank Castle is Punisher, nothing more or less.

    1. Guess I’m gonna have to go out and get Frank Castles first appearance now.. since this is just an old character dressed and taking the reigns as another old character. So the only thing new about this character is it’s a Ghost Rider who’s cosmic.

      1. Didn’t they just make Punisher Warmachine last month… really hating this now. Seriously Marvel you just did this same exact thing for the same exact character last month lack of creativity all around.

        1. Yes, Punisher is War Machine as well.. in his own series. This is why this is all silly nonsense. I’m mad at Cates now.. I’m gonna rant next signing he does here in town (since he lives in Austin).

  2. My guess is next month Frank Castle becomes the New Black Cat….Super sexy…Can have cat skull pasties as part of the new get up.

      1. Oh sweet.. I love it.. Love it so much I went ahead and created the new logo for Marvel to use (at their usual artist/logo rate)…


  3. They are kind of similar characters. I have more Punisher comics in my PC, and maybe only like a couple of Deadpool. I’ll just have to wait to see how it plays out before I decide fully. Now I wish I didn’t buy that Deadpool vs. Thanos set a few weeks ago.

  4. Love it. I know out of context its a more of a wtf type thing. But the story as a whole is phenomenal. So many oh shit moments in this issue. Sets up a interesting origin story, his life as cosmic ghost rider has been millions of years. I think punisher’s immunity to the penance stare will have something to do with it

  5. I think you all are whiners looking for anything to whine about!!! Cosmic ghost rider has been very flippant towards the young Thanos, its a misdirect.

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