Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 1/31/18

Each week hundreds of new comics hit the shelves, each with potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here are our picks of the week for delivery 1/31/18:

Wow, January went by quick. It was an awesome month for comic flips. This is the dreaded fifth week, the fifth Wednesday in the month which is generally reserved for one shots, annuals, or other odds and ends. A few books worth checking out though so lets get into it.
Returning Favorites
Beauty #19 – One of my favorite books on the market, Jeremy Haul of Realm fame, writes an awesome mystery/sci-fi series where perfection is an STD away.
Hack Slash Resurrection #4 – Really liking the return of Casey Hack, as a camp counselor for kids who have had slasher related trauma.
Moon Knight #191 – In my opinion Marvel’s best book on the stands. Not just a knock off Batman character, but Max Bemis is bringing depth to the character, and he has big shoes to fill.
Lazaretto #5 – Clay Chapman is a hell of a writer. This book about an infectious disease outbreak on a college campus has been awesome.
Infernoct #4 – Happy 22nd birthday to Infernoct writer Mina Elwell. She is such a great, young, up and coming writer. I have really enjoyed this series.
Dark Nights Metal #5 – No super big reveals this issue so passing over the spoilers. However, this cover by Greg Capullo is great. Fans of the (derivative) Batman Joker mash up should be happy with it.
Harley Quinn #36 Frank Cho Cover – I am still on the Frank Cho kick. People either love him or hate him, but putting that aside, I love his art.
New #1’s
Motherlands #1 – New Vertigo series that looks interesting. Had a chance to flip through it and I liked what I saw.
Silencer #1 – Very interesting Punisher-esque series featuring a female Punisher type character.
One to Watch
Spawn #282 – I will be honest, they say the new hero appears in this issues, however I looked it over and did not see anyone other than Spawn, Cyan, and the Cynobite looking guy from last issue. However, Spawn fans roll deep.
Small Press Gem
Hungry Ghosts #1 – Anthony Bourdain, not a name you usually associate with comics, does a food related horror book. Horror and food… I am in. Actually had a chance to look it over and it is a pretty neat book. Do not expect a big return on it, for horror fans and foodies.
Pick of the Week
Avengers #678 – Sold out in advance, at Diamond and at online retailers, by about a week. People are really grabbing on to the Voyager character. Already going to a second print.
That is it for us this week. Let us know what you are speccing on. In case you haven’t seen it, here is this week’s new comic spec review video for 1/31/18

8 thoughts on “Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 1/31/18”

  1. On Voyager is 675 considered first cameo and 676 first full? I’m super surprised the one per store retailer variant of 675 Voyager Venomized is going so cheap and 1:25 for 676 is a ghost but the price doesn’t reflect it.

    1. That seems to be the consensus for Voyagers first appearances, 676 is the one in bigger demand as it introduces her name and back story.
      What does Pogo always claim? Always bet on cover A 😉

  2. There seems to be a little buzz around the Flash Annual #1 since it is apparently a lead-in to the Flash Wars storyline that begins in a couple of months. Not sure it is a spec-worthy book, but it might be worth snagging a copy or two just in case.

    1. I read through it yesterday. I can say it is not super spoilery but the back up story has the reveal of a hooded character. I have dropped Flash a while ago so not sure if it is a big deal or not.

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