Poyo's Spec and Drek for January 31, 2018

The fifth Wednesday of the month, the lame duck Wednesday we should call it. The day most publishers put out crap or nothing since they try to schedule their monthly releases based on the normal 4 weeks per month.

Despite all the recent hot books, which have helped me boost some recent sales of my own, I’ve been selling a crap ton from my collection. I have way too many books so I’m still liquidating books so it’s been a super busy past week juggling books to ship off, which by the way, a little known fact about me is I actually can juggle. Not a pro but it helps me think and relax when I’m working.
Now on with the lame duck Wednesday comic picks, which frankly doesn’t look to bad, I’ve seen worse I think in the past.
DC/Vertigo Pick
I’m always betting on Cover A’s but honestly, this time around I think I’m gonna go with a Cover C as a winner.
Sure Capullo has his fans but by far Andy Kubert’s cover for Dark Nights Metal #5 is the clear winner.
We’ve already had plenty of close up head shots of the new “Batman Who Laughs” villain so this cover by Kubert is the winner in my opinion for DC this slow week.
The Capullo cover just doesn’t come off right to me. Not sure if it’s the lack of details or the weird looking fingers holding the card, but I’m not going to even bother.
I don’t expect these to heat up (since my shops have literally hundreds of these on the shelves each release), it’s the pick mainly for the cover art and story.
Marvel Pick
Not a whole lot going on but Thanos #13 2nd print stands out as a potential winner in my opinion.
Those that missed out on the first print will seek these out. Most online retailers are already selling out.
It’s the first appearance of the new Cosmic Ghost Rider who we recently learned is Frank Castle. Not sure how this news will affect this hot character (I personally think it’s kind of lame to use Frank Castle), but I guess we’ll find out now won’t we.
Let’s keep an eye out on Avengers #678 as well. With #676 heating up and selling well ($10-$15 last time I checked) with Voyagers appearance, this new story arc has been on fire with readers and collectors. Midtown has already sold out of #678 Del Mundo’s Avengers Variant.
Indie Pick
The only Black Mask book that gets any praise from me nowadays is ending it’s second arc and volume. Space Riders Galaxy of Brutality (#4 out this week) by Fabian Rangel Jr. and Alexis Ziritt has been great.
The story is kick ass and the art is fantastic. This is a must for any comic book reader, fan and collector. Sure these won’t heat up or go up in value.
It’s just a pick for being pure awesome. If you haven’t read Space Riders, the first volume or this new volume, where have you been? You seriously have not been on planet earth apparently.
I would totally welcome this team of creators split this off from Black Mask, find a new publisher and make this an ongoing series with a more consistent publisher that would push and market these in a timely fashion. Maybe we fans should start a petition? Who’s in?
Small Publisher Pick
Beautiful Death #5, I’m not picking this next book because there’s literally nothing else to pick.
Anyone who’s read my picks each week probably now realize this has been my pick with every issue. I simply love this series (and no the writer isn’t paying me, rubbing my back or has given me any perks to promote this book).
I originally thought this was a 4 issue series but we are being blessed with issue 5. The series is only a 5 issue mini-series unless anyone has heard any different. If you have, let me know.
If anyone has any more info to share on how long this series will be or if it’s switched to an ongoing, that’d be much appreciated.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.
I never thought I’d do this but this weeks avoid pick is the new Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi DJ #1 new book hitting shelves.
So here’s the deal. My shops order heavy on Star Wars which I’m assuming most other shops do the same. Time and time again I find myself browsing the dollar bins at my shops to find a huge majority of the Star Wars books (mostly these side stories from the recent movies) in such bins.
Spend $3.99 now or wait 3-4 months and get them for a $1 or less. Maybe my shops have learned but until then, I’m saying avoid this book. If you don’t find it in the dollar bin a few months from now, you can likely find it for under cover online on the secondary market. DJ has already made his screen debut so even this first appearance in the comic will do absolutely nothing to it’s value.
If this type of Star Wars book does go up in value, it’s going to be in a future galaxy, far far away!

9 thoughts on “Poyo's Spec and Drek for January 31, 2018”

  1. If you ask me DJ wasn’t that great of a character in the movie anyways. Too bad I pre-ordered 2 copies of the movie variant long before the movie came out.

  2. They really need to put better talent on the Star Wars one shots. It isn’t even a product of a less than stellar character- the Cassian and K-2SO really fell flat. It was a perfectly missed opportunity for a great origin story for k-2

      1. K-2 is probably one of my all time favorite characters, up there with Chewbacca and Yoda. That one shot managed to soil what I expected to be an excellent origin story.
        Maybe i’ll Go back and read it again, but I fully expect more heartache.

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