Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 171st edition of the open forum!
Great week for comic book movies. Ant Man and the Wasp trailer was put up. Birthright was announced. Big things ahead I think.
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?
Here are some of my new pickups this week.


122 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. Skipping this week. Spent too much $ on Super Bowl squares. But I have done great this year. Stabbity bunny a big winner for me. Also ice cream man kicking but. Both covers. Even the true believers sell great. 2018 off to a good start.

      1. I broke down and got hungry ghost, avengers, and Batman metal 5. But I’ve seen these on eBay go for high dollar I think… I found an impractical jokers comic for $5. So I hopefully found a gem.

      2. Anthony I’ve seen these in the past go for double figures. The ones that have sold recently for $90 on there are signed. The impractical jokers comic I got isn’t signed.

  2. Bought a Chucky Doll
    Birthright 1-3
    All new Wolverine #21 Variant $9 free shipping and used a $2coupon so $7
    Book of Morty found for $40 free shipping used a $8 coupon $32
    Been using Mercari a lot for buying and selling lately use my code
    When signing up you’ll get $10 coupon I’ll get a $2 coupon. Really easy to list and sell no item listing limits and no$ to list. Everything is also $2000 and under.

    1. If Mercari is as good as you say, Alana, we need to get as many people on board as possible. eBays rules, fees et al are ridic and getting worse by the day. The greedy exec fucks at eBay need to be given a taste of their own medicine.

      1. I like it as a buyer because they give you coupons every week.. where as eBay gives you ebay bucks every three months. You have to spend to get eBay bucks you get coupons for free Mercari. Less people so still chance to find a good deal. No auctions so no bs. Can still make best offers on any listing. On the seller side can’t be ripped off for an item as they require a return for refund of any amount they Mercari pay for the return label. They also provide all their own shipping labels at three different size prices. So when selling bigger items you will actual save a good amount on shipping. No listing limits I can’t sell on eBay anymore because they only let me list 5 things a month, I can list thousands on Mercari and no listing fees at all. Item sale it’s a 10% fee like eBay but no PayPal fee on top of it like eBay. You can get your money out by transferring to bank accounts or use on Mercari. Because they’re are so many coupons given items move pretty well.

        1. Im only really concerned about the final value fees. I pay 9% as a top rated seller then 2.9% to paypal. Mercari is only 1.9% better

      2. Yep and they take the fees at the front of the sale instead eBay sending a monthly invoice. So besides the 1.9% less in fees you can ship a 20lb box or item via Mercari fedex special for $10 so you may be able to save more when selling bigger items then just the 1.9% it’s not much but something.

      3. I’ve been on mercari for 2 years now. The first year was killer there were no fees at all. During that time I was getting crazy good deals on comics too. Definitely still a good place to sell but the deals are fewer a farther between.

  3. I went to a local show over the weekend. I’m trying to get a table there but the guy that runs it says it’s a couple month waiting list. So I just went to talk to him(I never got to talk to the guy) and look around, I wasn’t going to buy anything because I’m taking the month off……….but I found a Venom #155 1:50 Mattina for cover price so I couldn’t pass it up.

  4. Just watched your video. I see you have got that Popeye in a toploader to make sure it stays a 9.8. I’ve got mine double bagged and double boarded until I get it graded, mine looks like it should be a 9.8 also.

  5. Got 2 Thanos #13 lenticulars today at $5 each. Seeing a good amount of CGC 9.9’s on them so figure I’ll take a shot.
    I picked up the free 2 page preview of Punks Not Dead which is coming soon from IDW/Black Crown and it looks like a hoot: Loner kid is at Heathrow airport and the ghost of Sid Vicious attaches himself to him. Sienkiewicz did a variant cover so this one may have legs.
    Speaking of punk, I GOT MISFITS TICKETS!!!!
    As for Sunday, Go Eagles!

    1. I love the older misfits stuff. The newer stuff not so much, but there are still some good ones after Danzig left. Have you heard the Project 1950 stuff??? Jerry Only with Marky Ramone and Dez from Black Flag!
      I’m pretty sure I have every cover of Hybrid Moments ever done on my playlist.

      1. I auditioned for The Misfits back in 95 before they got officially Graves, he was there and did a couple songs, Jerry said they had recently found him and I was sure they were going to take him. I knew I didn’t really have a shot, foot high green mohawk wasn’t exactly their look, but I did close to 20 songs and had fun

        1. Man. The fact you played with them is awesome enough. You could have easily changed your 2 foot Mohawk into their signature hair style. Graves had long hair and didn’t fit the look either.

      2. Tony – the Graves years are the ones that still have some good ones. Not a ton in my opinion, but who can argue with Dig Up Her Bones?!?!?
        Lonny – WOW! I am impressed! That’s a really cool experience and how the heck old are you?!?!?!

        1. I love dig up her bones. That is my favorite new school Misfits song. I sadly have never gotten to see the Misfits. I have seen Danzig in concert several times.

  6. Isnt there another character to be introduced in this current Avengers story line? I have the name ‘Challenger’ in my head for some reason. Thought i read or heard that sonewhere. Was it CHU? Did i make it up in my head? Someone, anyone, help.

    1. Lol. I know Voyager was a new character that was introduced. Maybe you have rocket science on the Brain because Challenger and Voyager were both spaces shuttles.

      1. I realize that they ate both Shuttles, but i still think i read somewhere not to long ago that there was another character named challenger to be introduced. Perhaps it was a dream. Idk. Stay tuned.

  7. Hey everyone!
    Not a super big week for me, but not the smallest 5th I’ve ever had either.
    This week I am getting:
    Birthright #30
    Dark Nights: Metal #5
    Detective Comics Annual #1
    Image + #6
    Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast #4
    Outcast #33
    Dr. Aphra #16
    ASM Renew Your Vows #15
    Despicable Deadpool #293
    Flash Annual #1
    I also am having them order me a few of the Image Wraparound covers too.
    I hate fairyland
    Curse Words
    Deadly Class
    Kill or be Killed

    1. Oh, I last minute added the recent Avengers issues. I passed initially, but the event has actually been really good so i went and grabbed the issues I missed and will be pulling it for the remainder of the event.

  8. Picking up this week:
    Rick & Morty 34
    Glad it is a small comics week because I picked up:
    Mondo’s Iron Giant tiki mug (I have the Gremlins and Alien mug already)
    Jack White tickets
    George Clinton w/Parliament-Funkadelic tickets
    maybe The Toasters tickets (they’re playing Friday near me at a very small venue)
    maybe Ministry tickets (haven’t decided yet)

      1. He produces, writes, performs, does sevral genres. Hes sickly, musically talended. Seven Nation is the most popular song in the world now. European soccer crowds chant the tune all the time now.

    1. My lcs only had one copy of R&M 34 cover B, which I think is the one to have. Krombopulos Michael: “Here I go, killin’ again.”

  9. Not a bad week for pick ups:
    Doctor Aphra #16
    Avengers #678
    Avengers #678 Surprise 1 per store variant ($13)
    Reactor #2
    Punisher Platoon #5
    Galaktikon #4
    Realm #5 (Frison cover art)
    Spec pick ups for the week:
    Promethea #1 variant $4
    Iron Man #219 & #220 (1st Ghost app) $3 each
    Birthright #1 cover A for $1
    Good hunting everyone!

    1. Spec update! Sorry, but had to share about a great find on my way home from work tonight. Stopped by one of the stores I frequent and was digging through a short box of variants and found Uncanny X-men #522 Mark Brooks 1:25 variant (Kitty Pryde artwork). Very tough book to find and I was happy to pay the $14 for it in near mint condition.

        1. Im looking at it. It doesnt look like anyone im familiar with. Maybe, kinda, looks like Apocalypse. Sinister? Eyes are wrong. My theory, based on something I might have read about (so, nothing), is its a new baddie for Voyager, named Challenger. ?

      1. I dont know who Challenger is? Last night i posted about Challenger possibly showing up in this current Avengers story. I read it, or heard it, or dreamed it up!?!. But all i know is that this seems to be legit. Good pick up on the Grandmaster sequence, Alana.

      2. Cover b and the 1:25 sold out at midtown the reason bought these early. Graham’s had all their books listed all their variants but none of these then they sold out of cover a’s which leads me to believe This is under ordered that’s why it was rushed to second printing weeks before release.

        1. I wont order from midtown or the such. Shipping is waaaaay to much to Canada. Ive got a lead on a few in my area and im a weekly Wednesday warrior

    1. One shop in my area has been selling the Tedesco 1:25s for cover to me. Hopefully ill be able to grab next weeks 1:25 from that same shop. ?

  10. Nice light week for my wallet. Thank dog. The stack of Avengers 676 that i knew about was still there today for the most part. I grabbed last five copies. Also decided to grab some filler ASM books for my PC, with the small week and all. Also found a local copy of Dark Horse Presents #24, NM, 1st Aliens, and the guy is gonna do a trade for a Awesome Hulk #3, 1st Kid Kaiju, that I picked up for $2 about 12 monrhs agi. Im stoked. Always wanted that comic. ive also got my local retro dealer to start looking for an ASM 238 for me. Thats the next key in my ASM legscy run. Heres my pick ups for this week:
    PC and Readers
    Avengers #678
    JLA #21, #22, #23 ( i dropped at 20 but am now going back to read the Queen of Fables story)
    Incredible Hulk #712
    Dr. Aphra #16
    OML #34
    Detective Annual #1
    Metal #5, love this cover!
    Animosity #12, love this cover too!
    New Wolvie #34
    ASM #355, #366, #399
    Specs n Flips
    Avengers #676 x5
    Avengers #678 1:25 Tedesco $6
    Thanos #13 2nd print x2
    Phoenix Ressurection #5, Inhyuk lee
    Ricky & Morty #34B
    OML vs Deadpool #4, Lim variant x2

  11. Anyone know the story on Avengers 678 Cover D, Young Guns variant? Midtown says it is an incentive variant (doesn’t list a ratio) and has it for $63 but eBay has copies for $15 so not sure the rarity of the version. Sold out at MyComicShop and they don’t seem to indicate variant type either.

      1. My shop had 2 or 3. Didn’t pick it up, so either way…Gah! Just curious if this turns into a Thanos 13 1:25 type situation.

      2. I think i passed on 1 at a shop i visited this morning. I had no idea what it was and didnt look at it twice. Also, Gah! (I did buy one on the feebay though, as i like Rogue and really like the cover. Paid $20 shipped.

    1. I just picked up 2 copies of the Dauterman young guns for $24 CND shipped. Described as 9.6 or better. Im happy. I hope Rogue makes a splash when she hits the MCU. Love me some southern accents.

      1. It must have been in previews, unlike the Dauterman. I think people are paying 1-2 per store prices for an open order book.

  12. My LCS had a fewmisprinted issues of today’s incredible hulk. One was missing half the book and the other had duplicate pages. Don’t know how widespread this was or if it will be recalled. Just a heads up.

  13. As I was leaving the LCS, I noticed a customer who appeared to be grabbing up the remaining copies of Dark Nights Metal #5 (main cover – they only received two of the four covers). Is there an appearance of a new character in this issue? Looks like they are selling for cover price on eBay, so it seems a little odd that someone would buy them up like that.
    Anyway, here’s the list:
    MYSTIK U #2 (OF 3)
    ASTRO CITY #50
    AVENGERS #678
    HUNGRY GHOSTS #1 (Don’t really care for Bourdain, but the artwork looked interesting)
    REACTOR #2
    Also ordered the Rick & Morty #35 Nerdstore/Brain Trust variant featuring the Pickle Rick/ASM #300 homage cover.

      1. Thanks I found it, but at $50 for one and $40 for the other. I’ll pass, and you won’t find a bigger Rick and Morty fan than me. Too bad they are some great looking covers.

      2. Damn the upcharge on this is way too much, Brain Trust said they would do an onsale next month- maybe cheaper? $50 is way too much for a variant like this with that print run.

  14. My pullbox has……..
    Metal #5
    Animosity #12
    Rick and Morty #34a and b
    Eternity #4 pre-order edition
    That’s it, no new pickups for me again this week. With my pre-orders I don’t really feel like I’m missing much.

  15. LCS
    Image + 6
    Aspen giveaway
    Harley Quinn 36 var cvr
    Champions 14 2nd print
    Avengers 677 & 678
    Action Comics Vol 2 #994 Cover B Variant Francis Manapul Cover
    Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows Vol 2 #14 Cover A
    Batman Creature Of The Night #2
    Beauty #18 Cover B Variant Andy MacDonald & Nick Filardi Cover
    Black Panther Vol 6 #168 Cover A Regular Brian Stelfreeze Cover
    Comic Shop News #1599
    Daredevil Vol 5 #598 Cover B Variant Marco Checchetto Hulk Smash Cover NEXT WEEK
    Despicable Deadpool #291 Cover A Regular David Lopez Cover
    Eternity #3 Cover A Regular Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic Cover
    Eugenic #3 Cover B Variant Robbi Rodriguez Subscription Cover
    Flash Vol 5 #37 Cover B Variant Howard Porter Cover
    Gasolina #4
    Glitterbomb Fame Game #4 Cover B Variant Miguel Mercado Cover
    Hack Slash Resurrection #3 Cover A Regular Tim Seeley Cover
    Hack Slash Trailers Cvr B Mike Norton
    Hawkman Found #1 Cover B Variant Jim Lee & Scott Williams Cover
    Imaginary Fiends #2
    Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 #595
    Jessica Jones #15
    Marvel Comics Presents #19
    Moon Knight Vol 8 #190
    Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #32
    Punisher Platoon #4
    Punisher Vol 10 #219 Cover A 1st Ptg Regular Clayton Crain Cover
    Realm #4 Cover A Regular Jeremy Haun & Nick Filardi Cover
    Riverdale #9 Cover A Regular Photo Cover
    Songs For The Dead #1 Cover B Variant Nick Robles Cover NEXT WEEK
    Spider-Man Deadpool #25
    Spider-Men II #5 Cover B Variant Jesus Saiz Connecting Cover
    Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi Storms Of Crait #1 Cover A Regular Marco Checchetto Cover
    Star Wars Jedi Of The Republic Mace Windu #5 Cover C Variant Salvador Larroca Star Wars 40th Anniversary Cover
    True Believers Phoenix Origins
    Underwinter A Field Of Feathers #3
    Vampblade Season 2 #10 Cover A Regular Winston Young Cover
    Void Trip #2
    Willows #2 NEXT WEEK
    X-O Manowar Vol 4 #10 Cover A Regular Lewis Larosa Cover

  16. Has anyone had a bad experience buying comics from Scout Comics? I paid good money for the Smoketown comic con variants. 2 copies. They sent me the regular issues (selling for about $20 less than i spent) and have been unresponsive in trying to resolve the problem. I know Scout is a darling on this website, but I hope that others are not having the same issues. Very poor experience and I am out $40 in total with two comics i didn’t want to purchase.

      1. Thanks. It is sad to have this experience. Glad your experience is better. My credit card company flagged this and is doing an investigation. I think I have to file a police report (requested by credit card company). Buying comics should not result in an investigation!

  17. I haven’t picked up much. I’m focusing on down sizing my collection specially cuz I got word my company might move to Utah or Texas due to some new laws that will effect the company. If that happens, I might or might now leave with the company depending what they offer me lol. I did however picked up a copy of the Oblivion Song retailers copy. Which contains issue 1-3. So far, really good story.

    1. My retailer got the trade too and I wanted to buy it, but he loved it so much he’s gonna keep it. He said he might let me borrow it but I really wanted one of my own! Would you be willing to part with it for a certain price or via a trade for other stuff, Jesus?

  18. I don’t usually share about my week as generally I don’t get too much or do anything too wild. However, this was actually my biggest week in awhile and the next two look quiet! I shall share my list of stuff I wanted and got/am getting from assorted sources:
    All Time Comics: Blind Justice #2
    Belladonna: Fire and Fury #3
    Black Crown Quarterly #2
    Deathstroke Annual #1
    Hungry Ghosts #1
    Infernoct #4
    Jessica Jones #16
    Jungle Fantasy: Survivors #8
    Long Lost #3
    Lookers: Ember #5
    Moon Knight #191
    Motherlands #1
    Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #108
    Uber: Invasion #11
    Also, I picked up four, “Avengers #676,” that I sold on eBay, but I only sold three as I accidentally made a bad crease on the cover of one and now am gonna need to sell it for basically cover-price to any friend I can find interested in it.
    In addition, I got some, “Thanos #15,” to hoard as it is getting hot, hot, hot, thanks to the big cosmic ghost rider reveal.
    Plus, I bought stuff to get signed by some of the writers and artists attending Wizard World Saint Louis this weekend which I am excited to attend and report on! I got a, “Rock Candy Mountain #1,” as I can’t find my own first issue of it for Kyle Starks to sign, and, “Chasing Hitler #1,” for Jai NItz to sign in addition to other stuff he’s written I dug out of my boxes for him to sign, which will be cool. Lastly, I have some variant covers for Jamie Tyndall to sign if he’s willing.
    It was a big week and gonna be a great weekend too!

          1. I actually got an amazing moon knight sketch. He was excited that I asked because people only ever ask him to draw Rick and Morty stuff he said. So he did it on a big sheet of paper. I can provide a link to my post where I have it or if there were a way to post a picture on this website do that.

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