Mel V.'s Variant Picks for January 31, 2018

WHAT UP CHU? Mel V here with your variants of the week for January 31, 2018. One month already in the books and already February is on it’s way. I’m on vacation this week, so some of y’all might see me trekking around one of the many  NYC comic spots… but most likely I will be home playing Capcom’s Monster Hunter World. Now I don’t play many games outside of NBA 2K, but I gotta tell y’all I am loving this game. Scoop up a copy if you like RPG games . So lets get to an extremely short list of covers I like this week that includes one graphic novel and one regular cover

Big Trouble In Little China Old Man Jack #5 Cover A Regular Rahzzah Cover – I mentioned this one on The Unpressable Defects podcast last week and man I love this cover. Had this been a 1:25, I would have had no problem spending a premium on this what so ever. Such peacefulness and nostaliga even with the destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Just great art by Rahzzah who has been on fire lately. I will be getting several for the PC

Black AF Americas Sweetheart GN – BLACK Universe is back with another edition. I usually don’t like graphic novels but I was given an early preview of this and I gotta tell ya, it reads just as good as the first series. Not really here for the cover, but I put it here for the exposure cause some of the people might not know to look for this title

Eternity #4 Cover E Incentive Jeffrey Veregge Variant Cover – You already know.. High Ratio Valiant, buy em if ya see em… and Eternity books have been doing well in the after market

Phoenix Resurrection Return Of (Adult) Jean Grey #5 Shirahama (Marvel Legacy Tie-In) – Cute cover, not as great as last week’s cover, but not a bad pick up at all. I’ve always like Kamome Shirahama’s work

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  1. Is that’s supposed to be a mirror reflection on Jean Grey? If so, the artist messed up big time. The legs dont match up the thickness, the cape covers the front of her legs up to her knees but nothing overs on the mirror side. The back right leg height doesn’t match the reflection part. This cover needs to go back to the drawing board…

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