Attack of the Killer B’s: Supergirl #19 Artgerm Variant

DC has been killing it with their B cover program. Taking the hottest artists and releasing cover price variants. Artgerm’s Supergirl covers have been especially nice. Here is his latest for Supergirl #19.

Out March 14th, Supergirl #19 features the second in a series of classic Supergirl outfits.


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7 Responses to Attack of the Killer B’s: Supergirl #19 Artgerm Variant

  1. Jesus says:

    YES! YES! YES! My favorite SuperGirl. 1990s animated series.

  2. Shawnclive says:

    not badd..but i prefer cover B #18 supergirl

  3. Jonathan hoffman says:

    Love this!

  4. erichannjr says:

    Artgerm is knocking these covers out of the park!! Just when I think he can’t get any better…POW!! Really loving #18 as well!

  5. A. King says:

    I be getting a couple of these.

  6. Wayne Dickson says:

    …a Chinese!

  7. Marvel Zombie says:

    This might be his best cover yet. The oft-forgotten costume, the colors, and his style is a little tweaked. In a good way.
    Really bummed that #20 is his last cover.

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