DrunkWooky's Star Wars Variant Envy 02/02/2018

What is up, CHU!?
Our friends over at Jedi-Bibliothek scooped the first two covers for the six-issue Star Wars: The Last Jedi from Marvel starting May, 2018.
The first is an awesome cover by Mike Del Mundo. It plays with foreground, background, and framing really well and adds some of Del Mundo’s signature surreal elements. Spot the Alliance Starbird incorporated in Ahch-To’s foliage and the Porgs up front.

It is somewhat reminiscent of one of my favorite Star Wars covers and damn-near impossible to find variants, Poe Dameron #1 Calgary Expo variant by Del Mundo:

The second cover to be announced is another portrait of Rey by Quesada:

If this Quesada cover is 1:100 like the Star Wars the Force Awakens Adaptation variant, AND if comic shops order it the way they ordered the Force Awakens, it should become a spendy book! A quick flip for non-Star Wars fans and a must-have for Star Wars comic collectors like your resident inebriate Kashyykian. From a subjective standpoint, I have to say I prefer the Force Awakens cover. The glow on BB-8’s lights, Rey’s X-Wing helmet, the colors of the starfield, and the nostalgia that is reminiscent of Luke gazing at Tatooine’s twin suns is hard to beat. Maybe this new Quesada variant will get a re-color treatment, but for now his previous Rey portrait stands head and shoulders above.
Star Wars The Force Awakens Adaptation #1 Quesada 1:100 variant has recently been moving in a wide range of prices for around $270 to $700!


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  1. I’m still holding onto my Quesada 1:100 variant. I want that Poe Dameron cover though. Do you know where I can find one?

    1. Anthony and I have had some luck recently with a source on the ground in Calgary. If our source comes up with any more copies, we can let you know.

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