Poyo's Spec and Drek for February 7th, 2018

It’s that time again. First month down in 2018 and now we find ourselves in February after a really exciting January for comic speculation and flipping. Hopefully February keeps up in the positive trend of great books, great flips and the comic world keeping us entertained.

So what’s it going to be this week? DC doesn’t have a whole lot going for it unless there’s a surprise but there’s already buzz with Marvel, a title you rarely see selling out before release..
DC/Vertigo Pick
This weeks DC pick is hands down going to it’s cover art. I don’t expect it to heat up or be hard to find.
But it’s going to Batman White Knight #5. Who doesn’t like Sean Murphy’s artwork? I fell in love with his art when he collaborated with Snyder on Wake.
With the new Neo Joker character, these issues are key if this character sticks around for the long haul.
The other honorable mention goes to the Swamp Thing Winter Special #1 by Tom King and the late Len Wein. With it’s heavier price tag, I don’t expect most shops going heavy on this so it might be a bit hard to find.
Marvel Pick
Marvel is hitting them out of the ballpark with their new Avengers reboot Legacy No Surrender whatever you want to call it series.
With new characters being introduced left and right who could turn out to be key characters for years to come, these books are not to be overlooked.
So with that said, obviously this weeks pick goes to Avengers #679.
There’s a higher ratio variant by Nick Bradshaw with this release that supposedly has a new character on the cover but like Poyo always preaches, always best on Cover A if you’re wanting to flip and make profit. Yeah yeah..  unless you find the 1:25 variant at a very low cost or cover, don’t bother paying premium as it’s a higher risk flip. If you think you can buy to flip, the best advice is…  buy low, sell high. With Cover A being the cover price book, that’s your best option on making money by flipping.
All covers are already sold out at Midtown and most other online retailers so this one might be the book to get this week.
Indie Pick
Not a whole lot of exciting stuff when it comes to Indie books this week so I’m going with Songs for the Dead #1 by Vault Comics.
I don’t expect this to be a huge hit or spec but if overlooked by shops and if the demand is there, could be a $8-$10 book for those  that missed out.
But keep your common sense hats on, I wouldn’t go heavy buying these. If you do miss out, you’ll likely find these at cover or less in a few weeks is my prediction.
But it’s certainly a book to keep an eye on for sure.
Small Publisher Pick
I already got to read this next pick. It’s been on my radar for quite some time since I love Ribic’s artwork.
This weeks small publisher pick goes to VS #1. I like it so far, the first issue was a bit slow but you can sense it’s a build up of what’s to come, hopefully a whole lot more action and story.
I love gazing at Esad’s artwork though, his full page layouts are just awesome. I guess it also helps that I’m a sci-fi junky so throw in some alien landscapes  terrain with space ships and such, I’m in more than likely.
I’m not a huge Ivan Brandon fan but so far I’m digging it and hope there’s no disappointments down the road with this one.
Don’t go heavy on this one though, I don’t expect this to be flip worthy or a huge demand as I’m pretty sure with shops doing their own variants, this one will be a slow flip if it does heat up. Grab an extra Cover A for the long haul, it’ll be a cheap gamble if it does go places.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.
You drek fans are going to be happy this week. I got several drek picks, the books you avoid for many different reasons. This weeks avoid picks were really easy as surprisingly, it’s hard coming up with reasons to avoid a book that a writer or artist put a lot of work into.
The first avoid is our boy J. Scott Campbell’s Deja Thoris incentive variants.  Do not pay over cover price for these books. It’s like a rough sketch drawing of his famous Mary Jane in a skimpy outfit.. if you want to call it an outfit. Seriously, there are better things to waste your money on. Midtown has the BW sketch at $51 and then the “Martian Red” cover hiked up to $255? If you plan to throw your money away, just go ahead and send me the cash and I’ll send you a sketch of a half naked woman without Mary Jane’s face on it..
Alright, enough hating on Campbell, let’s hate on Alex De Campi now. I don’t like knocking the other writers and artists in this new book called Twisted Romance #1. I got a preview of this and it’s just meh, I really felt like this was thrown together in a night, maybe a girls night out. I feel like it’s a badly written stereotypical story about some awful men and women that takes it one step further with some murder involved.
Maybe it’s Campi’s style of writing but it’s not for me, in fact every time I’ve given her a chance she just falls flat. Not sure why they claim she’s a critically acclaimed writer, I haven’t found anything she’s written that I like. The rest of the book is more weird than entertaining. Save your money, this will be in the dollar bins a month from now. Maybe even wait if they release all 4 issues, you can maybe find it as a bundle for $1 when all said and done. I do know on thing though, if these do become a dollar, they’ll make great fire starters for the fireplace or campfire.
The last book is more of a don’t buy in hopes to flip, buy because you just like the art. This one goes to the new Loopydave Rose #8 variant. I know some love his art work but for me, it just comes off as kind of cheesy 90s crappy Image flashback type cover. Not for me, but if you like it, all power to you but buy the best copy you can find, don’t buy more thinking you’ll flip these at profit.
That’s all I got this week. If you don’t like my picks, comment below and tell me how you really feel cause I probably still won’t care.

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