Spoilers: Amazing Spider-Man #795, Will They Merge?

Amazing Spiderman #794 had an awesome last page. If you haven’t seen it yet then be warned there are spoilers coming up for that issue too.
The last panel featured Norman Osborn getting the Carnage Symbiote in hopes of restoring his Green Goblin powers. We have all seen the Red Goblin images for covers so we kind of know what is going to happen, it is just a matter of when. So that brings us to Amazing Spiderman #795, which is out tomorrow. The question is, will the merge take place. Check out the following spoilers for your answer. (click the spoiler image warning to see the redacted images.)
Reference to the Button
Reference to the Button
Well there we have it. Looks like a first appearance to me.

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    1. This is why I hate the cameo vs full appearance debates.. I really think a cameo is when they’re not the focus of the pane with no speaking parts. A cameo is they’re off to the side, you see just a portion of them.. but to me, the focus is on the new character that has dialogue..
      Some comic authority needs to just come up with some damn guidelines when it comes to cameo and full appearance.
      Cameo is when you see the character in the book but they have no speaking parts or dialogue, you don’t know their name and they’re not the focus of any particular pane, like background or you just see a shadow, obscure view, etc.
      First appearance should be when they’re the focal point in a pane or several panes, they have speaking parts with dialogue (some characters don’t talk so perhaps just focal point and several panes would be a first appearance)… but we don’t have to know their name or identity yet.
      First Full Appearance should be when we know their name, they have dialogue and they’re on more than multiple panes but on multiple pages as well.
      There we go.. let’s set it in stone for crying out loud so we don’t have to debate anymore.. 🙂

        1. Because some make it too personal… And some argue because they gain something from it. They argue in favor of whatever book they got the most of to profit from. I enjoy a good debate myself but all to often people get butt hurt over something that really isn’t that important in life. 😉

      1. It’s crazy cuz for superior spider man first appearance, it’s just him in a dark alley and a shadow of him. That should of been a Cameo.

      2. My favorite “first appearance” is Jason Todd in batman 357…he’s in one panel with his family,mhe’s not even referred to by name (they’re introduced as “the Todds”) and yet this book is 100s of dollars in nm/m condition because someone decided it was his “first appearance.” Not full, or cameo…first. Granted I think he made several cameos before what would be considered a full appearance…basically, it was less of a cameo than wolverine.
        Anyway, if people get butt hurt over funny books maybe they have other issues they should attend to…and consistency is never a bad thing.

  1. I’m torn here. He calls himself Carnage and Green Goblin is still shown on the cover of 797 with the synopsis saying Green Goblin is back.
    Red Goblin isn’t shown on any non-store variant covers until #799.
    Not sure this will be considered Red Goblin.

    1. Even the official image of Red Goblin on both covers of 799 look different. Here he has the logo on his chest, calls himself Carnage and doesn’t have the goblin face/ears like on the covers of 799.

  2. Yep, a first appearance of Norman as Carnage lmao. He def merged with Carnage Symbiote, but that’s not Red Goblin. Did you even compare the pics? Still has Carnage Spider logo on his chest, no tail, no pointed ears, no pointed head, still has Carnage eyes, and even says “We are Carnage…”.

    1. I would think this is a situation before the symbiote splits again….one remains Carnage and the other turns into the Red Goblin. Still….this is the merging, but prior to the “birth” of the new villain.

      1. Technically, Norman isnt the Goblin, nor have the ability to turn into Gobbie at the time he merges. It os not the Red Goblin, it is Red Normie. The symbiote is supposed to somehow return Norms Goblin prowess. This coupled w/ Vanns point about the symbiote splitting , seem to me, how this is going to go down.

  3. Would Y’all compare this to Eddie merging with the Venom symbiote? Seems like the same as he says “We are Carnage.” It seems like the Red Goblin will be later, maybe he makes a compromise with Carnage to restore his power and also merge to be even more powerful or something to that effect?

    1. I’d say its more like Mac Gargan merging with Venom… Eddie was a new character but Mac was a person change. So Norman merging with Carnage is a character change not like when Cletus did it as a new character.

      1. A 1:25 or issue 795? Haven’t seen on eBay, previews, or any online retailer. Must be super rare. I think it is 796 or 797 that has a 1:1000 variant.

  4. Why does the question have to be whether or not this is the first appearance of The Red Goblin? Can’t we say, with certainty, that this is the first appearance of Norman Osborn as Carnage? ….or had that happened already? Lol

  5. 794 second print has the first meeting between the symbiote and Osborne on the cover. Could jump up. Think ASM 654 second print

  6. Im starting to think that Harry becomes the Red Goblin after the Carnage Symbiote frees Norman of the nanites that Parker put in him to counteract the Goblin. Then we would have the Green Goblin and a Red Goblin. And if Harry bonds with a Carnage Spawn, then we can still have Kletus Carnage, Green Goblin and Red Goblin at the same time. @Brian Springman, this would also explain Green Gobbie on the cover of #797.

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