Spoilers: Walking Dead #176, New Characters

Walking Dead #176 is out tomorrow. When we left off, Michonne, The Princess, Eugene, and the crew had just gotten to the new community and Michonne found out someone is looking for her. We get the new issue and get a few first appearances and a really touching moment at the end.
First off, we finally get to meet the voice behind the radio that Eugene has been talking to, Stephanie.
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(she reminds me of Velma from Scooby Doo)
We also get another new character. I think we will see more of him later.
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We get a bit of back story about some of our regulars. I don’t remember Eugene ever mentioning what he really did. And did you expect anything different from the Princess?
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And we get to meet the All New All Different (type of) Governor.
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Who introduces us to this young lady…
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I am glad they didn’t make us wait too long for this.

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    1. Kirkman better go somewhere with this new group and not just another repeat and rinse type of story line we keep getting or he better start writing his exit strategy for the story.

  1. Issue 67 Eugene tells the group he’s not a government scientist with a possible knowledge of the cure but instead is/was a high school science teacher.

      1. I remembered it was right before they made it to DC but I admit.. Looked up the specific issue… Just knew it was sometime between 65 to 70….

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