Spoilers: X-Men Red #1

X-Men Red #1 is out tomorrow. It brings about a very different role for the freshly returned Jean Grey. It also marks the return of a villain that hasn’t fought the X-Men in a long while.

As mentioned above, Jean Grey takes a very different role than just team leader. She takes a more Charles Xavier stance and meets with the UN. She is pushing for a true and protected nation for mutants. The UN Ambassador seems to have some objections, which Jean is able to put to rest.
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After the UN session is complete, and things seem to be going Jean’s way, she is approached by the Ambassador outside.
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Suddenly, things go graphically pear shaped….
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For which Jean gets blamed for. However, someone more sinister is responsible.
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  1. stallguy says:

    No Trinary in this issue?

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