Inexpensive Variant Alert: Kick Ass #1 Jesse James Variant

Jesse James has become the king of the inexpensive variants. Putting out exclusive covers for just a few dollars. Here is another one, this time it is for the new KICK-ASS #1 , out 2/14/18.
KICK-ASS #1 Jesse James Variant from Jesse James Comics is priced at $6 plus shipping, just under $10 total shipped. The cover is by Marat Mychaels and features the new Kick Ass.

12 thoughts on “Inexpensive Variant Alert: Kick Ass #1 Jesse James Variant”

  1. Jesse James Comics DOES NOT deliver comics they sell on Ebay. They stole my money, refuse to answer emails or phone calls. DO not do business with these snakes.

    1. I don’t know about that.. in the past year they’ve had 14,783 positive feedbacks and only 3 of those were negative. Two of those seem to have confirmed refunds according to the feedback comments.
      I don’t know about you but it takes a lot to get a negative from me. I might leave a neutral if I had to get a refund and they treated me horribly but if you ask me, out of almost 15k orders and only 3 went wrong.. that’s a pretty damn good track record if you ask me.

      1. Thats a pretty low ratio and I hardly believe that Jesse wouldn’t fix this issue to bring that number down to 2 complaints. It wouldn’t make sense…sometimes haters gonna hate.

        1. Yep. Some people are too quick to leave negative feedback. Always give the seller a chance to fix… If they ignore you or tell you to bugger off… Then its negative feedback time.

    1. How is it being a downer trying to warn others? Fine, don’t listen to me. I just got ripped off for $300 by them, thought you guys would like to know they’re not upstanding, honorable people, at least in my case.

      1. Did you contact them? PayPal dispute? My only connection to them is I buy inexpensive variants from them and like to share the news on stuff that is a decent buy, or that others may be interested in. I do it when I see inexpensive variants from them, mycomicshop, and anyone else who sells exclusives for under $10 shipped.

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