Wednesday Winners

It is nice to walk into your local comic shop on Wednesday and pick up your books. It is even nicer that by the end of the day the books are selling for multiple times cover price. These are the Wednesday Winners. 
First up, Amazing Spider-man #795. This is one of the books we gave spoilers for last night. Sellers on eBay are listing it as both First Appearance of Red Goblin and First Appearance of Norman Osborn Carnage. Regular copies have sold as high as $17. The variant Hulk Smash cover have sold as high as $22, but the prices are a little over the place.
Another Marvel book out this week, and doing well, is Avengers #679. The average listed regular copy is being priced at $10 and above. Recently completed sakes show pushing up to $9.99 for the regular cover, the Perez Hulk Variant hitting $7, and the Bradshaw 1:25 variant going for $30-$50. .
Also selling well tonight is Dastardly & Muttley #6 Bill Sienkiewicz Variant. This was on our picks of the week. Copies have sold for as high as $19.99 shipped. This was one we mentioned could be a quick flip. The book has had a low print run, listed below:
Issue #1 13,525
Issue #2 8,539
Issue #3 6,416
Issue #4 5,329
With each issue having low sales numbers, decreasing with each issue, and split between two covers, the Dastardly & Muttley #6 Bill Sienkiewicz Variant could be hard to come by in some areas.
All in all not a bad Wednesday.

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    1. Yeah, it has been a good start so far and mostly with some unlikely winners. It’s rare you see Marvel with hits on or before release day.

  1. #awesomesauce spiderman was a great read this week and it is selling daredevil was also a great read as was the avengers witch has been a great and funeevent marvel might be making a comeback blind adam out

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