Venom Teaser Trailer Hits Web

Waiting for the trailers can be just as exciting as waiting for the movie. Venom finally gets it’s first teaser trailer. Check it out below:



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23 Responses to Venom Teaser Trailer Hits Web

  1. erichannjr says:

    Personally…I think this has great potential! I like the trailer. Shows just enough to make you want more. Tom Hardy is Bad@$$. I just hope Marvel doesn’t screw this up.

  2. Brennan says:

    2 for work Tony! Was just about to pass this on!

  3. Josias Ocampo says:

    No suit reveal. Very safe trailer.

  4. Brennan says:

    I wish they at least gave us a glimpse of venom.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Building up the suspense.. now you’ll be waiting for the second trailer.. kind of smart if you ask me.

      • Brennan says:

        Oh I get it, but I’m still disappoitned about that.
        Tom Hardy looks like he was a great choice though!

  5. Alana says:

    That trailer is so bad someone dubbed over it with Bane.

    • JayClue says:

      The trailer is designed to be ambigous, what exactly about it is ‘so bad’?

      • Alana says:

        If you don’t know who Venom is and watched this trailer. You would probably think it’s a Terminator sequel or a mental institution horror/drama trailer.

      • JayClue says:

        So, the general publics ignorance towards comics makes this a ‘bad’ trailer. Interesting take.

      • Alana says:

        Just needs one scene of venom smashing something to show audiences that aren’t familiar with all things comics what it’s about.

      • Alana says:

        My daughter loves Venom had no idea what the trailer was about until the end when it shows the silhouette.

      • Alana says:

        If the point of putting a trailer out is to sell movie tix. It didn’t have my 8 year old clamoring to go see it.

      • JayClue says:

        I agree with Poyos synopsis. This is building suspense. Who is this? What is this? I know who this is and what it is, and i still wanna know more. I think it has superbly executed its job for people who are familiar, and those who arent, alike.

      • JayClue says:

        I think its going to be rated R. Im pretty sure the target audience for a physcho killer movie is not 8 year old girls.

      • Alana says:

        But new Deadpool 2 trailer of a different psycho killer with a R rating she loves and wants to go day 1.

      • JayClue says:

        🍎s and 🍊s.

  6. JayClue says:

    That piqued my interest. Im officialy excited for this now.

  7. Jesus says:

    Looks good…

  8. A. King says:

    I’m a big Tom Hardy fan. So I’m sure I’ll be seeing this. It seems like it’s coming out really soon, it seems like it was just a couple of months ago when we heard he was cast to play Venom.

  9. Killerwit says:

    Terrible trailer. Huge ASM fan, but interest not piqued. And, not interested in debating my opinion here. Peace

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