New Comic Spec Review Video for 2/14/18

Anthony from does his weekly video looking at the hot new books of the week. Here is this week’s video for comics delivering 2/14/18:
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19 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for 2/14/18”

      1. Oh, yep, sorry. I got ahead of myself. I got so wound up trying to figure out when Red Goblin makes his debut I got mixed up on release date lol.

    1. I still think 795 will be key, at least should be key. We know it’s coming and it’s no surprise at this point, the print run on 797 is going to be huge, so hopefully the demand sticks around for 795 and possibly 796 (if there’s a 1st app or cameo in it).

  1. I think you did a great job Anthony. Stabbity bunny #2 will be my pick(bulk) of the week. Happy to see marvel ( mostly Spider-Man ) turning it around. First week in a while I probably won’t get any DC.

  2. Where are the pre-sales for Stabbity Bunny #2’s on eBay? I don’t see a single listing for a first run copy of #2 coming out Wednesday. Very low print run?

      1. I picked up a few GI Joe #244-#245 a few months ago. Couldnt believe they’re commanding the price that they are. Love me some Lady Snake Eyes (no double entendres intended).

  3. People be going HARD on, “Stabbity Bunny.” It either is going to go absolutely nuclear if we hear about it getting some kind of T.V. or movie deal or fizzle out. I’m hoping it just gets hotter and hotter because it is a great read!

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