Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 74

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. I want to say
thank you for the friendship, advice, love, and support over the past two years of this column. First off, some random thoughts:
I just started watching the Runaways on Hulu. Enjoying it. The Despicable Deadpool #293 was #awesomesauce and I am looking for a old school Legion or Flash rings from the late 1990’s. Now lets make some money with some comics cause you can’t teach that
1. Venom Lethal Protector #1 (available on eBay) -This one is not a big surprise. But the prices are going up on raw copies which means the chance to buy cheap copies is passing. The Venom teaser trailer hit today and the movie is based on the miniseries.
2. Venom Lethal Protector #4 (available on eBay) – Looking at the IMDB site for Venom movie shows that Scream will be in the movie. Scream first appears in this issue. $5-10
3. Amazing Spider-man #374 (available on eBay) – Venom appearance fights Spider-man,  leads into the Lethal Protector mini series the basis for the movie. This is a common Spider-man issue with a mediocre Venom appearance $5
4. True Believers Venom vs Spider-Man #1 (available on eBay) – With the Venom movie coming, the Amazing Spiderman #300 first print is going to be untouchable. You can grab this one for 80 cents on pre-order and sell them for $5 each down the road. Money in the bank and you can’t teach that.
5. New Mutants #99 (available on eBay) – Whoa. New Deadpool Trailer. Deadpool appears on the back of a plane with a bunch of other people and the one is wearing white and the Shatterstar looking head piece. Grab this now.
6. New Mutants Annual #6 (available on eBay) – Same as above. Marvel first appearances can be sneaky and this one is also listed as first Shatterstar, at times.
7. Comic Scene #31 (available on eBay) – I have to give credit to my homie for this one. Topher S is the man. This is the first preview image of Harley Quinn and it pre-dates Batman Adventures #12. I am going to say happy hunting for all of us.
8. Comic Scene #37 (available on eBay) – this magazine is #awesomesauce this features the final interview with Brandon lee. Brandon Lee’s The Crow is in the top five comic book movies of all time and his loss was tragic RIP Brandon $10 and up
9. Kitchen Sink Catalog 1994 (available on eBay) – catalog of upcoming Kitchen Sink merchandise has a Brandon Lee the Crow cover, very tough in the wild
$30 and up
10. Aladdin #0 (available on eBay) – rare 1990’s Betty Page cover and appearance. Nothing more, nothing less, Betty Page is hot that is all $20 and up
11. Superboy #147 (available on eBay) – tells the foundation of the Legion of Superheroes. The Legion is the bomb on Supergirl this season. Classic Legion stories are a great investment, maybe the Legion gets a spinoff show $10
and up
12. Eclipso the Darkness Within #2 (available on eBay) – Mon-el becomes Valor. There are pictures of Chris Woods in the Valor costume floating around. This book is in dollar bins just go diging for it $1-5
13. Legion of Superheroes #0 (available on eBay) – first appearance of the second Saturn Girl. Zero Hour tie in and this verson of the Legion is in dollar boxes most of the run that is $1-5
14. DC Collectors Edition c55 (available on eBay) – the marriage of Saturn Girl and Lighting Lad. I love these oversized comics and finding them in highgrade is a pain in the butt $10 and up
15. Legionnaires #37 (available on eBay) – Mon-el appearance, cheap in dollar boxes $5 tops
16. Powerman And Iron Fist #54 (available on eBay) – worth mentioning again first appearance of the Heroes for Hire together. Luke Cage Season Two is upon us, so is Jessica Jones Season Two. The
Heroes for Hire will make appearances in both series. Bronze age Power Man & Iron Fist  are cheap.
17. Teen Titans Legion Special #1 (available on eBay) –  introduces the third Saturn Girl. I am loving Saturn Girl on Supergirl. TV  spec is not dead #testify $5
18. Batman Annual #14 (available on eBay) – features the origin of Two Face, no real spec value, just a great book with a great villan $5-10
19. Deathstroke Annual #1 (available on eBay) – when Karen Star (a.k.a. “window boobs” herself) Power Girl return,s people will want this issue nuff said Deathstroke is the best series out of Rebirth #testify $5 and up
20. Amazing Spiderman #83 (available on eBay) – 1st Richard Fisk The Schemer. One day he becomes The Rose and maybe he joins hid dear old dad on Netflix $15 and up
21. Amazing Spiderman #253(available on eBay)  – Richard Fisk becomes The Rose in this issue. I want to see Richard in Daredevil by season four, that would be #awesomesauce $5-10
I love you guys, thank you all for the last two years of my life thank you for being the greatest blessing in my life
blind adam the comicpimp outfirst

33 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 74”

    1. “143” also a code for “I love you” on the Stern Show (long story), but Bendis and a lot of comic creators are big Howard fans.

    1. Amen. It’s weird when something you bought at the grocery store with your mom at the age of 13 suddenly becomes relevant 25 years later.

      1. It really is great, especially because of the memories. “Hey mommy, will you buy me this comic book?” And then, 25 years later, “hey mom, remember that time you bought me that comic in 1993?” The coolest thing was when my mom recognized the ASM 361 cover when I asked her if she remembered buying it for me. Great great times.

      1. When ASM #361 came out my friends and I rushed over to the LCS to grab one…they were sold out! We ended up going to a local adult book store that sold comics (we were underage;)) and getting multiple newsstand copies! Score!

      1. issue 80(i think) starts a very good run of Denys Cowen’s art work. i think his contribution to the series is over looked. but i am partial because that;s my start on the book

      1. I know how I can accomplish this.. I’ll send my wife.. she knows how to spend money.. I think that’s her primary job, just spend money. 😛

  1. Great list. Thanks for all your work. I always look forward to your articles.
    Love all the Venom books. I’m surprised ASM Annual #26 doesn’t get much love. I believe that has the first Venom solo story. Months before Lethal Protector.

    1. Thanks for mentioning this. I wasn’t aware of it, which is weird considering the mighty Night Thrasher!! is on the cover.

  2. Comics Scene #2 should also be on everyone’s radar. It features the 1st ever app of Venom. Came out the same month as ASM 298 I beleive and unlike Comics Scene 31 which is simply a still of the Batman animated series cartoon, Comics Scene #2 features full splash art of Eddie Brock, Venom, a coupe panels of ASM 300 and I believe a shot of ASM 300 cover. Check it out!

  3. i love you guys. thanks for reading . working on next weeks now. also she-venom eddies wife needs cost play love so does lady deadpool. don’t forget about web of spiderman #18&24 or is it #27 I always confuss those numbers . first two pre a.s.m. #300 apperances of venom. have a blessed week and keep your pimphand strong
    blind adam the comicpimp out.

    1. Because of your write up I decided to pick up a couple extra Lethal Enforcer #4’s. If Scream does indeed have a large enough role to play in the movie that issue will tipple in price. At $5 to $10 each in high grade it is too low a risk not to pick up some extras.

    1. That’s a good point. Don’t know if it will get the love it deserves but it certainly does make it important…To die hard SW at least.

      1. Different characters. I think we were the first ones to bring this to light. Still GOG 13 has a cosmic ghost rider just not the same guy. I picked up one as well.

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