By The Numbers: January 2018 Comic Sales Figures

The sales numbers for January 2018 Comics are out and while the market, overall, was down, there are some really good books to look at. Here are selected sales figures for January 2018:The Top Ten
1. DOOMSDAY CLOCK #3 (available on eBay)
2. DARK NIGHTS METAL #5 (available on eBay)
3. BATMAN #38 (available on eBay)
4. BATMAN #39 (available on eBay)
5. THE WALKING DEAD #175 (available on eBay)
6. AVENGERS #675 (available on eBay)
7. BATMAN: WHITE KNIGHT #4 (available on eBay)
9. BATMAN AND THE SIGNAL #1 (available on eBay)
10. OLD MAN HAWKEYE #1 (available on eBay)
Books of Interest
Call of the Suicide Forest 1 (available on eBay)  1,059 – Tiny print run on a book that shot up to above $10 in the first couple of days.
Popeye Classics 65
 (available on eBay)  1,287 – The 1:10 variant has sold for over $600 raw and a 9.8 sold for $985. (I sold a raw for $605, so I can say there are legit sales on this.) Considering how few stores order 10 copies, the variant is very rare.
Atlas and Axis 1 (available on eBay) 1,631 – Another book on the picks of the week, another small print run.
Teether 1 (available on eBay) 1,840 – We did an exclusive variant on this one. The regular cover comes in below 2,000 copies and has sold for over $10.
Sink 4 (available on eBay) 2,054 – Extremely low print run across the series. Great book and in demand.
Stabbity Bunny 1 (available on eBay) 2,716 – Split between the regular and secret variant, the variant could be extremely rare, considering the entire print run was below 3,000 copies.
Abbott 1 (available on eBay) 5,175 – Boom’s new book. We gave you the heads up on this, if the book get’s optioned, it will be hard to find. Already listed for more than 2x cover price.
Mega Man Mastermix 1 (available on eBay)  5,333 – Poyo had the variant on his list. Established character and small print run.
Rose 7  (available on eBay)  6,047 – Split between three covers. Not all retailers order all covers so the Loopydave (available on eBay) cover could come in less than 2,000 copies.
Ice Cream Man 1 (available on eBay) 9,454 – New Image series with a less than 10,000 print run? Wow, this could be big. Already selling for multiple times cover price.

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  1. Maybe Ice Cream Man #1 is more of a real representation of print run demand instead of their usual 20-30k type print runs they usually had in the past for first issues.. Maybe they wised up and realized over printing #1 to accommodate and try to avoid the 2nd or 3rd prints was actually back firing against their budgets.. 😉

  2. The numbers on the January list were very convoluted and had many books that were listed in previous months. Not sure why it was the way it was this month but thanks for the clarification.

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