Poyo's Spec and Drek for Feb 14th, 2018

It’s Valentines new comic week, hopefully the books show us some love on specs and reads like we feel entitled to with our loved ones. Lucky for me I’ve already done Valentines with the missus about a week back since she’s busy on her current show.

It’s been exciting for us comic flippers this year so far and this week looks just as promising.
DC/Vertigo Pick
I really dig the new Artgerm Supergirl variant but shops have caught on with these, they’re easier to get.
The real winners for DC are the new villains and characters coming out of the Dark Night Metals books.
This week is no different, this weeks DC pick goes to Dark Knights Rising Wild Hunt #1.
What new characters can we expect from this new one shot tie-in? It’s got another great cover depicting the new fan favorite The Batman Who Laughs. Even if it doesn’t end up like Teen Titans 12 or Red Death, this still has the potential to be that easy $10 book. So don’t pass it up, at least buy one copy to read and stash.
Marvel Pick
This pick is a no brainer.
Marvel is certainly making these picks easy with their No Surrender storyline coming out of the new Avengers Legacy reboot.
So Avengers #680 is the pick for this week. Already sold out online for the regular cover A (like Poyo always states, always best on cover A).
An honorable mention goes out to Star Wars Thrawn #1 Mattina Variant (available on eBay) . The cover that looks like Bloodshot. Don’t spend too much on this though. If you can find for cheap or cover, that’s the way to go. If you don’t find it cheap, just wait and get it on the secondary market, something tells me the price will come down eventually.
Indie Pick
Sold out within minutes last week after they were listed on Midtown, this weeks pick was a winner a few weeks back as well.
Also, I’m pretty sure I was the person who snagged the last variant off Midtown as it wouldn’t let me put 2 in my cart.
Stabbity Bunny #2 (available on eBay)  is the indie pick this week. I anticipate this one will be harder than #1 to find, especially the variant.
So grab’em if you find them. If you’re collecting them to read and stash in the personal collection, grab a second to sell immediately if it heats up or for the long term gamble.
Be on the look out for Atlas & Axis #2 as well. Another book that was likely under ordered being a #2. #1 didn’t heat up like we thought it would but these might be long term gambles but regardless if they heat up or not, #1 was a great book for reading and the personal collection.
Small Publisher Pick
I might be wrong with this next pick but you never know, I surprise myself at times.
It’s also rare I pick a book from Archie Books but this one is a bit different I think, that has a pretty pricey cover price so a lot of shops, if ordered probably didn’t go heavy on.
This goes out to a Marvel Comics Digest Avengers featuring Black Panther. I’m anticipating this will likely be the size of the Archie Digests books as well, so not your typical comic book.
With the Avengers movie coming out and Black Panther out this weekend, this could be a hidden gem that fans will seek out. It claims it will only be printed once so there’s that as well.
If you don’t normally pick up these (I certainly don’t myself) with the intention of it heating up to flip and it doesn’t do much, I’m sorry in advance. Just keep it in the bathroom next to your Readers Digest while you go number 2. Maybe in 30 years it will double it’s money (wipe before handling though).

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.
This was a rather easy one. Blind Adam, I’m sorry but Mark Millar is not one of the greatest writers ever. This book has already had a movie. It’s already have a previous volumes as well. This weeks avoid pick is Kick Ass #1 from Image Comics.
I actually read this book already and it was meh for me. Sure it’s your classic Kick Ass book. Sure there are fans of Kick Ass but don’t expect this to heat up or be worth money anytime soon (you’ll find it in the dollar bins before you see it selling above cover price on the secondary market). I’m also just not a fan of Romita Jr. art, it’s just sort of a put off. So buy your favorite cover out of the 6 available and don’t bother picking up any extras. Mark Millar does not need your hard earned cash by buying multiple copies of the same book.

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    1. Anthony mentioned it in his Spec Video. As for me, I love Justin Jordan but I just don’t feel like Death of Love is going to be a spec book or heat up. If it does, it’s gonna take it a while.

    1. Yeah, I must say I liked the movie. I never even read the first volumes. But definitely no heat or spec on Millar’s books. Even his past books that have gone to option you can still find relatively cheap. Secret Service is a good example. You can still find sets of this for very affordable prices.

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