Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 174th edition of the open forum!
So, did you see Black Panther yet? Thoughts?
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?
Here are some of my weekly pickups:

156 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. That Xmen virgin variant is back up again for the fifth time. Cheaper then the sold out retailers were selling it for. So I bought one if its real kudos if it’s fake I’ll destroy the whole variant market with it.

      1. It is risky I’ve passed on it the other times it was listed but the guys feedback score keeps growing since he first listed them all though he doesn’t have any feedback from the copies of this book he’s sold yet. If it’s real it’s a score if it’s a fake then I will have physical proof that variants are being knocked off by the Chinese thus destroying the variant market, if it’s a scam I’ll get PayPal to refund me.

    1. There are knock offs of everything conceivable. Even if your copy is fake, which im sure it is, i doubt anyone will listen to a story about a fake product that was bought from Hong Kong.

    2. I would have passed but seems like he sold more than 60 copies, the seller’s feedback is fairly low has nothing to do with comic. There Is no way he can have got 60+ copies, sell at that price and make money.

    3. Kudos to your moxy Alana!! I too saw this as well as the other Hong Kong seller doing the same thing. At last count they are over 20% of the entire print run…..ummmmm….yeah, I don’t think so.
      I might suggest preparing your submission to PayPal for your money back in advance—save you time later.

    4. Weird as I cannot locate them on eBay anymore. Both sellers started their eBay accounts around the same time (I think one was Sept 2017 and the other was Aug 2017). Both were based in Hong Kong….both had 60 or so reviews….both were selling the same book for the same price for the same shipping and both only allowed you to buy one copy. I simply thought it was the same seller who is running two accounts and running an obvious scam. Strange that I cannot locate them now on eBay under finished sales or otherwise.
      I certainly hope for the buyers that it wasn’t a scam, but the print run they had sold combined was over 20% (somewhere over 130 copies) and they were selling it for 25% of any other offered price. I was tempted to buy one from each of them…but really, the old adage of “if something seems too good to be true…” kept running in my head.

      1. Without Alana’s link, you can’t even find her buyer on eBay for this book now. There are no sales for this book at that price under any filter I can create to find it…..

      2. I’ve ran in to that too, sellers dissapearing from eBay and their sold listings not be searchable in the past. Only reason I found these back in stock it was sitting in my cart from when I passed before.

      1. HAHA Poyo, what does she think of that?!?!
        I think Fear got really good last season. Better than the original even!
        The crossover stuff though……maybe not…..
        Please have your wife send all of us some props from the show. And have the studio cover the shipping costs. Oh and make sure there are COA’s with everything. And don’t forget the tracking numbers.
        Tony has our addresses.

      1. I think Poyo is referring to the ComicXposure 5-star customer service. Wait, I’m sorry, they don’t have customer service. My bad.

    1. Well, not entirely new, but the loss of the block from being Green Goblin, so it means that Red Goblin is just not Norman in the Carnage symbiote, but both Green Goblin and Carnage at the same time.

      1. The virgin has a print run of 100 so I know we all hate comicxsposure but a 9.8 sold for $175 today. First cover appearance of Red Goblin and print run of 100 hard to pass on for $40. Use code NEW for %15 off

      2. They are offering 100 virgin covers, but the total print ri is 1000 to my knowledge…as the connecting set of them states 1000 available.

  2. What looks good to me this week? I’ll discuss:
    Alters #10–Paul Jenkins is a solid writer, it’s a decent read.
    Amazing Spider-Man #796–I’m gonna get a bunch of copies at my favorite stores as this book is currently hot, hot, hot!
    Avengers #681–All of these issues have been popular lately
    Damage #2–I still need to read #1, maybe can read it then this right after
    Deathbed #1–Interesting concept, worth a try.
    Heathen #6–Cooled off in terms of spec value, but is just a delightful read.
    Ice Cream Man #2–Weird and fun.
    Punk’s Not Dead #1–This could be great or awful.
    Shiver Bureau #1–Scout Comics is always worth trying out the new books of.
    Also, those, “Young Guns,” variants have been hot and Doctor Strange: Damnation,” is the latest to get one this week. Only two copies per store so if you see it, grab it, I’d say!

  3. Until tomorow, my pickup this week thus far was my Black Panther Mondo tumbler glasses from Alamo Drafthouse when I went and saw Black Panther.

    1. You know the biggest problem I have with Black Panther is if vibranium can do all that stuff in Marvel films. Why was the super genius Howard Stark only able to make a lame shield. Besides that vibranium question, Killmomgers one liners and violence towards women in the film I could do without. Other than that it was great. But still only top 6 or 7 Marvel film for me.

      1. Limited by his technology at the time perhaps? That would be my guess about Howard.
        Violence towards women was present but those women were bad asses though. Loved the women in the movie. If I was King I would surround myself with warrior women.. and I would pay them better than the men as well. 🙂

      1. “Ri Ri” launch? I’m gonna finish up Avengers No Surrender, Amazing to 801, pick up Bendis’ last Spider-Man issue (240?) and maybe Iron Man 600 and it’s MCU movies only for me!

    1. Wait, they’re relaunching again? WTF? I knew they were switching up with new writers and artists but starting over with the numbering (I don’t buy their people being confused).. sigh. Maybe perhaps if they stop creating new volumes with new number ones and then trying to switch back to legacy numbering and then starting over with more #1 books.. people wouldn’t be so damn confused.
      I do welcome the news they’re condensing some books back down to just one title. Like Avengers will just be Avengers. Sounds like we won’t have Uncanny Avengers, New Avengers, West Coast Avengers, East Coast Avengers, Harlem Avengers, Globetrotting Avengers, San Diego Zoo Keeper Avengers and The Turtle Neck Wearing Avengers..

      1. Venom is getting a new #1…. Just after switching to legacy numbering. All New Venom #1 (For the Third Time) so we can do more covers for an all new #1.. But Donny Cates is writing it and it will be more horror themed.

        1. I was actually enjoying the legacy numbering though. At this rate they should just number them with letters.. A, B, C, D, E….. and after 26 issues we start over with A, B, C, D.. seems like that’s around the number of issues we see anyways before the start over..

  4. I need to let some steam out!
    I bought a BA#12 last year in August to give my wife for our anniversary in September. My LCS had it at $500 and listed it as a VF+. I talked to the owner and he advised that if I paid for pressing, it would help with the grading. Cool… after all said and done, I paid $550. I was told the book would arrive by mid November early December. My wife would of loved to have it here by Christmas. Well it didn’t happen and I just got the book on Sunday. I picked it up and like nothing he tells me “oh the book came a grade lower then I though” I though to myself WTF! I paid for a 8.5 or better. It came back a 7.5!!! When my wife hear that, she said “WTF!” And left the store. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO CALL YOURSELF A COMIC BOOK STORE OWNER IF YOU CAN’T GRADE A BOOK???
    My wife and I decided not do business with him again.
    On a side note: he had a statue my wife has been wanting and I told her if she wanted to go back and get it. She said “F@&# him!”

    1. Yo me it sounds like they over charged you by $100-200 dollars and you have every right to be mad. I would see about returning it, or disputing the sale. Was it a credit card purchase?

    2. I’ve been grading books since dirt .. I’ll tell you a short story .. My customer and I meet over 3 key issues, decide on what we, with over 60 years in total experience, would grade them at .. he ships them off to CGC .. they come back a full grade lower, each one, than we expected .. he is so mad, he breaks them out of the case and has a friend send the same books back in .. they come back a full grade higher than the first time ..
      CGC and the rest are no guarantee of squat ..

      1. CGC and all other slab graders are nothing but a paid opinion. Poyo says buy the book, not the slab. I know its irritating that you (Jesus) bought into a book a seller claimed was a higher grade but that’s the thing, to that seller its still likely that grade. Its just the paid opinion at CGC thinks otherwise.

    3. That really sucks… If the Comic shop owner was reputable or respected his loyal customers he should have offered you the difference in trade at the very least. I know dealers need to make money but to tell you it “is” an 8.5 then you receive a full grade lower is really an embarrassment on part of that deader. Someone who respects their customers would make good on that to some extant. Meet you half way at the very least.

      1. I called him up and told him what’s up. He just said “that’s fine you can bring it back and you can also pay me for all the books u night from me that have gone up. Especially the ASM #4s u got for cover.” WHAT THE F@#&!!!!!
        Shitty business. I spent over $12k in the last 2 year with him and this is the thanks I get!

        1. When something is advertised at a grade and is sold as such I would think they would honor the grade. You cannot predict something that is going to go up all the time on the day of release. Why would you pay him more for books that went up as there was no agreement on price. Would he refund you for books that went down? No. What he did was give you a grade and not a range. It didn’t meet that grade. He could refund and take the book back and still sell it.

    4. I have to add a little buyer beware on this. I understand that you were purchasing it based of the grade, but unless your purchasing a CGC or CBCS graded book, there is room for error. As a collector I can be off a little when judging a book in my hands, but I could tell a 7.5 from an 8.5. Sorry that it didn’t work out though.

    1. 797 will probably be the one to get. I know Poyo is going to hate this but if anyone has to get a #796 the Comicxposure variant would be the one to pick up seeing Red Goblin is on the cover. Not a huge fan of them either, but if Red Goblin becomes a big time villain that sicks around that variant will be sought after..At least the very least the virgin cover…but yeah, the constant limited variant covers are getting old, but not going anywhere anytime soon.

      1. It might heat up but its still a store exclusive which over time are less likely to stay in higher demand. Poyo also claims to not only buy Cover A but also keep it stock, I’d rather buy a $3.99 cover A that ends up a $100 or more book 20 years from now than buy a $30 or so store variant that ends up at the same price as the cover A or even less. 😉

      2. Completely agree…. It is a rare day I collect store exclusives…unless it is a hot issue for a series I collect or an amazing cover…even then I only have a handful.

      3. It’s also ComicXposure as well. They could be the last comic shop on the planet and I’d just start collecting stamps so they don’t get a another dime from me. 😛

    1. Because nobody reads that garbage. Supergirl was kept afloat by Artgerm variants. I can’t speak for the others on how they lasted so long.

        1. I’d imagine the cover artists already got paid though from Marvel or DC. Us buying copies puts zero money into their pockets but perhaps the way one does support them by buying is your increasing their popularity which drives the publisher to keep using them as cover artists.

      1. I buy Supergirl, but they’ve been trying to make it too similar to the TV show. It was a lot better before the DEO stuff. I really liked most of the New 52 Supergirl run. Right up to that final arc with the crucible was it? Super loved Red Daughter of Krypton arc! Can’t really say that I will miss this current run.

      1. Just had a shitty moment at the office but “It’s gonna be a book I hear. Called the Bible. Lol. I am looking into it I promise.” made me laugh out loud and made by da a little better…lol.

  5. Pick ups for the week:
    Punisher Platoon (last issue to a great series if you like Ennis/Punisher stories)
    Ice Cream Man (cover b X2)
    Avengers 681
    Doctor Strange Damnation (Young Guns variant for $6)
    Amazing Spider-man #796 (Comicxposure Red Goblin cover store variant-why not? First cover appearance of Red Goblin is worth a shot)
    Spec pick ups this week:
    Thanos #14 (regular cover for $5)
    Infinity War Prelude (X2 for cover-still selling these for $10-$12 when I find them)
    Amazing Spiderman #794 (cover)-with the hype of #795, these are moving at $8-$10)
    PC pick ups this week:
    Animal Man #2 and #4 NM (1988 series) for $6 total. Loved this series from Grant Morrison and am going back to fill in the few issues that I’m missing from the #1-#26 run. Remember when Morrison stories were really good and not totally off the wall? Ah, the good old days.
    Sandman #18 NM+ (Gaiman)-my run is now complete! Have been looking for a high grade copy of this for years and was finally able to snag one. In my top 3 comic book series of all time. Amazing what he did over a 75 issue series over 7-8 years. Still love to go back and re-read the different story lines. In case anyone cares, the other top series that I loved that were more than 5 years in creation would be Preacher, Starman (James Robinson), and The Boys.
    Which brings up a question I would pose to CHU readers…favorite series? I’m not talking about the obvious mini series (Dark Knight, Watchmen, Marvels, et al). But something that stretched more than 2 years+?
    Good hunting everyone!

    1. Right now it’s East of West, which is ending soon. When I first started collecting I really liked the New Warriors. Also toss in Dark Avengers and Avengers Academy.

    2. Favorite series.. Y Last Man, Ex Machina, Chew, Walking Dead (up until the latest issues, I’m not digging it like I did when I first started reading it). Those are just a few that stand out as books I’d likely read again. That’s how I know if I really liked a book or story, am I willing to read it again? If yes, it was great.

    3. I havent been reading long enough to qualify in this, but, i really enjoyed Snyders new 52 batman. Hopefully some of the series im reading now will have a run of 5 or more years.

    4. Invincible for sure
      New 52 Batman
      Walking dead
      Daniel Way’s run on Deadpool
      Deadpool and cable
      Hickman’s avengers run
      Matt fractions run on Hawkeye
      Those are some of mine.

  6. Hello again everyone!
    I’m finally better! Only took a long weekend in bed to work it out! LOL
    Been pretty disappointed trying to find Pickle Rick Pop’s around me. I don’t know what I didn’t just preorder the damn things. Seems like stores around me that sell them only got enough to cover their preorders and “MAY” get more next week. Frustrating, but ultimately my fault.
    This week I am getting:
    Batman #41
    Batman and the Signal #2
    Birthright #30
    Deadpool v Old Man Logan #5
    Ice Cream Man #2
    Justice League #39
    Nightwing #39
    Ninjak v The Valiant Universe #2
    Sex Criminals #22
    Dr. Aphra #17
    Superman #41
    Amazing Spider-Man #796
    The Avengers #681
    The Might Thor #704
    That is all.

  7. Seems like a really bad in this hobby;
    #1. Sellers in HK most likely selling fake variants for cut-rate prices.
    #2. Another fucking Marvel reboot—this demonstrates leadership, clarity and ingenuity. Good job.
    #3. Now there is a ASM #795 2nd Print Virgin Variant by Unknown Comics Exclusives. Anything…..and I mean anything to sell you more shit…..
    Christ almighty….

      1. Yup….Unknown Comics Exclusives. It is the cover to the 2nd print of 795…but it’s a virgin variant. Maybe I’ll go look for a good deal in China….

      1. But UC says 700 released online, the rest for cons and damages. Means they could print who knows how many 3000+ Deceptive marketing.

  8. I’m not going out today, but I did get a couple of things online yesterday……..
    AMS #796
    Aquaman b cover x2
    Ice Cream Man #2a x1 and 2b x2
    Incredible Hulk b cover
    WWE Ultimate Warrior variant
    Marvel Age #33
    I’m off for the rest of the week, so I’m just going to organize. Next week I’m finally back on the road at my regular job so I’m sure I’ll be driving by some comic shops.

  9. One shop had about 6 ASM 796, the other were all pulled (claimed sold out but sounds like they pulled some cause it’s heating up).
    Ice Cream Man #2 was hard to find, both shops will be out probably by noon for sure. One shop had just one left by the time I left.
    No Shiver Bureau at either shop but one shop has not been ordering Scout books as of lately.

    1. I just went to a shop in Virginia that said they didn’t come out this week. I said yes they did. They said no they come out next week. I know for a fact they came out this week.

      1. That happened to me when TT#12 came out. I just went across the street and picked up some, I wonder if it was the same shop.

      2. Went to three shops this morning, founder one Shiver Bureau between the three. That one shop must get their books early…

  10. Decent week for me. Didnt spec on too many new books but got some decent stuff in the bins, along with a bunch of ASM issues for my full series run. My pick ups this week were:
    PC and Readers
    Dr. Strange Damnation #1 YG variant
    Conan #241, McFarlane Art, $6 Vf/Nm Hulk #341, McFarlane Art, $6 NM
    Kong on Planet of the Apes #4
    Batman #41 A&B
    Damage #2
    The Signal #2
    The Brave and the Bold #1
    Hulk #713
    Avengers #681
    Venom #162
    ASM #389, 402, 407, 416, 434, 436, 439, 550-556
    ASM #796
    Specs ‘n Flips
    Avengers #676 2nd
    Super Sons #13
    Venom: Lethal Protector #1, $6, NM
    Silver Surfer #1, 1987
    Silver Surfer #1, 1982
    TAH #22 2nd
    ASM #796
    Judas #1
    JLA #22B
    New Mutants #14, 1st Magik, $8 NM CDN price variant
    New Mutants #86, 1st Cable cameo, $15, NM
    New Mutants #99, 1st Feral, 1st Shatterstar, NM, $6.
    Ive also noticed a lot of my older New Mutants comics are the CDN price variants. Nice, eh?

  11. As usual, I miss out on a hot book. No ASM #796 at my LCS, said they didn’t receive any. Also, no Deathbed #1, no Pumpkinhead #1, no Ice Cream Man #2, and a couple other books that I would have liked to have picked up. Here’s what I did pick up:
    BATMAN #41
    DAMAGE #2
    INJUSTICE 2 #20
    HORIZON #18
    VENOM #162 LEG
    STAR WARS #43
    X-MEN GOLD #22 LEG

  12. LCS
    Batman 41 reg cvr
    Harley Quinn 38 var cvr
    Pumpkinhead 1 cvr C
    Sex Criminals 22 xxx cvr
    Action Comics Vol 2 #998 Cover B Variant Kaare Andrews Cover NEXT WEEK
    Amazing Spider-Man Venom Venom Inc Omega #1 Cover A Regular Ryan Stegman Cover
    Avengers Vol 6 #682 Cover A Regular Mark Brooks Cover (No Surrender Part 8) NEXT WEEK
    Batwoman Vol 2 #11 Cover B Variant Michael Cho Cover
    Comic Shop News #1602
    Cult Classic Return To Whisper #1 Cover A Regular Irene Koh Cover NEXT WEEK
    Damage Vol 2 #1 Cover A 1st Ptg Vertical Foldout Cover
    Dark Fang #3
    Days Of Hate #1
    Deadpool vs Old Man Logan #4 Cover B Variant Ron Lim Cover
    Demi-God Ashcan Preview NEXT WEEK
    Diablo House #3 Cover B Variant Shawn Dickinson Cover
    Doctor Strange Vol 4 #384 Cover A Regular Mike Del Mundo Cover
    Doppelganger #2
    Evolution #3
    Fence #1 Cover B Variant Kevin Wada Cover (I know, I know–I’m curious…)
    Generation X Vol 2 #86
    Go West #1
    Jimmys Bastards #6
    Kill Or Be Killed #15
    Long Lost #4 NEXT WEEK
    Made Men #5
    Mera Queen Of Atlantis #1 Cover B Variant Stanley Artgerm Lau Cover NEXT WEEK
    Mighty Thor Vol 2 #703 Cover A Regular Russell Dauterman Cover
    Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #299
    Red Sonja Vol 7 #12 Cover C Variant Pia Guerra Cover
    Sheena Vol 4 #5 Cover A Regular Art Thibert Cover
    Spirits Of Vengeance #4
    Star Wars Vol 4 #42 Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover
    Superman Vol 5 #39 Cover B Variant Jonboy Meyers Cover
    Thanos Vol 2 #16 NEXT WEEK
    Weapon X Vol 3 #13
    Wilds #1 Cover B Variant Natasha Alterici Cover NEXT WEEK
    Wonder Woman Vol 5 #41 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover NEXT WEEK

  13. Anthony, have to comment that I enjoy your content immensely! I also enjoy that I have made some successful flips thanks to your guidance! Thank you!

    1. Ive got a Hulk variant for that issue too. And im torn between selling and holding. I think im gonna see where this goes before i list it.

  14. Online pickups:
    Spidey Super Stories #39 $16
    Thanos #13 first print x 3 $9.99 ea.
    Thanos #14 first print x 3 Cover price
    Amazing Spider-Man #795 Cover price
    Doctor Strange #382 first print x 3 Cover price
    Doctor Strange #383 first print x 3 Cover price
    Venom Lethal Protector #1-6 and Amazing Spider-Man #375 $12

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