Spoilers: Amazing Spider-Man #796, What Will Red Goblin Be?

Amazing Spider-man #796 (available on eBay)  is out tomorrow. It is already selling in the $20 range. People are clamoring to see Red Goblin’s first appearance. So, will this be the issue? Spoiled images are protected. The accompanying text isn’t so proceed only if you want spoilers. 
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We get a scene of Security Guards being released of their duties, in a harsh way, and dialogue in red with a very Goblin-esque laugh.
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Then we get to look inside of Osborne’s Study, to see…..
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So no love there. But we find out that Red Goblin is going to be more than just Norman in the Carnage symbiote.
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So no full first appearance, but some definite build up on the hows and whys.

23 thoughts on “Spoilers: Amazing Spider-Man #796, What Will Red Goblin Be?”

  1. Harry is going to be the Red Goblin. Carnage symbiote leaves a spawn that merges/bonds with Harry. Then we have Norman back as Green and Harry will be Red. My theory.

  2. You know what the real countdown should be? Only around 5 more issues and Dan Slott is no longer writing ASM. Glory Hallelujah Praise Jebus, Dan Slott is off to ruin Invincible Iron Man now (no one reads that garbage either, we need Tony Stark back). I also think I read he’s (Dan Slott) done with Silver Surfer as well. They could hand that off to a chimp and I’ll likely start picking up Silver Surfer again.

    1. The rumor is that Nick Spencer is taking over the title. I’m sure reaction will be mixed. Secret Empire was a lame idea. But his other books are pretty good. If Amazing is anything like Superior Foes of Spider-Man it’ll be a good read.
      Sloth had a good handle on Spidey. He just overstayed his welcome. Should’ve left after Secret Wars.

    1. Hard to tell with today’s market. 795 didn’t really reveal the Red Goblin and it’s still selling at $15-$24 from the most recent auctions.
      But yeah, I think 795 will be more key than 796. Seems like 797 will be the first cameo or appearance now. but who knows how long Slott dragged this out to get people to buy these..

    1. No… He’s still terrible. You all are just caught up with a first appearance shenanigans but Slott is still horrible at writing. 😉

      1. Now that I look at all the 797 covers looks like there’s a 1:1000 and either a 1:2000 or 1:500 and a1:10 character design with Red Goblin so we will see.

    1. All the different covers kinda makes it hard. The homage one and design variant will do well since he’s on cover people will want the young guns the Dell Otto virgin is sweet then the 1:500 and 1:1000 May not be the best flip for the reg covers.

    2. If not 797 Them 799 but it is hard to believe that all the stores which have exclusive covers for 797 would do that unless they know sonethibg

    1. Ha ha Don’t count on it. I know Secret Empire sucked. But Spencer has a lot of good titles under his belt. Superior Foes of Spidey, Morning Glories, The Fix etc.
      I’m willing to give a him a few issues to see if he can get Peter back on track.
      On the spec side orders could be low and if the issues are good they could flip for a few bucks.

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