New Comic Spec Review Video for 2/28/18

Anthony from covers the hot new comics for release on 2/28/18.

29 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for 2/28/18”

    1. I left avengers off this week because by now people should know to grab the book. I have had crazy sales on Avengers over the past couple of weeks and that is something I have never said before.

      1. Correct. I lost big on the avengers the last 2 weeks. Hell the week I thought I did good was my worst week all year. Go figure.

  1. Called around a few places and got a few Spawn covers put aside for me for Wednesday. Have a feeling these are gonna be hard to come by this week.

  2. I missed out on that spawn 283. Ebay prices are over 20$ and there aren’t many listings. I’m going to hold out and hope that I get lucky at my LCS.

    1. You didnt miss out on Spawn 283, it comes out this coming Wednesday. If you dont get it at a LCS on wednesday, then you have missed out.

      1. It will be cover price ($2.99) at your LCS on wednesday. It is cover A for the book, so there should be some at your LCS this Wednesday. Call your local shop now and reserve a copy for yourself. It should only be $2.99.

        1. I have seen on ebay both the color and the black and white Mattina, typically the B cover is a Black and White version of the regular A cover. For that fact I ordered 4 of the B

  3. Anthony i couldn’t be remember your email address. But i sent you a message on Facebook about a variant to Avengers 682.

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