Three New Scout Titles Debut at ComicsPro

If you missed ComicsPro this past weekend, you missed out on a lot of cool news (no I wasn’t there.) Like many conventions, there were all sorts of exclusive books available, most are already selling on eBay for multiples of what people paid for them. New titles were introduced as well. One of my favorite small press publishers, Scout, debuted three new titles worthy of attention.
Scout introduced three new series and had Ashcans on hand at ComicsPro to introduce collectors and retailers to the books.
The ComicsPro Ashcans are available at The Solar Flare Store.

First up is Shadow Play, by Richard Rivera, the writer of the hot series Stabbity Bunny. This is his upcoming new book. Something cool that hasn’t been mentioned anywhere is Shadow Play is set in the world of Stabitty Bunny.
Also coming out from Solar Flare writer, James Haick, is The Mall. It is a coming of age crime story set to the back drop of the 1980’s. This is the first appearance of the characters in the story. A Free Comic Book Day comic will be coming out later this year before the series hits.
Finally up is The Source. This is done by the same team that did The Rift, from Red 5 comics, Richard Rayner and Don Handfield writing and Art and Cover by Leno Carvalho. It is The Matrix meets Harry Potter. A world where magic has been banned for centuries and now its back.
Like I said, the ashcans are available at The Solar Flare Store for $12 for the three. We sponsored and our logo appears on the cover. Use the code CHU and save $2 off the set.

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