Gemma Chan Cast As Dr. Minerva in Captain Marvel Movie is reporting that actress Gemma Chan has been cast as Dr. Minerva in the forthcoming Captain Marvel Movie. 

Dr. Minerva, aka Min-erva, first appears in Captain Marvel #50 (available on eBay) .
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Gemma Chan is set to join the upcoming Marvel Studios solo film, according to Deadline. Chan will be playing Minn-Erva (a.k.a. Doctor Minerva), a Kree geneticist and spy.
Chan is best known for her role on the AMC series Humans, as well as appearances in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Submarine. Next, Chan is expected to star in the highly-anticipated adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians, as well as in the Margot Robbie-led biopic Mary Queen Of Scots.
In the comics, Minn-Erva travels to Earth in search of Mar-Vell, hoping to mate with him and progress the Kree bloodline. She later teams up with Captain Atlas, becoming a member of the Kree Starforce and causing quite a bit of trouble in the Kree/Shi’ar War.
At the moment, there’s no telling exactly how Minn-Erva will factor into Captain Marvel, seeing as so little is still known about the film’s plot. But considering the fact that Mar-Vell will appear in the movie (portrayed by Jude Law), there’s a chance that her comic dynamic with him could be explored, or that she plays a role in the film’s Kree-Skrull War.

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  1. Most of the copies have been sold on Ebay and Amazon already. I bought one myself, looks to be in VF-ish condition for $7…just to have for the pc…I just don’t see this being any kind of major key issue long term though. Get it cheap or don’t bother. Doubt it will hold a premium price long term unless Marvel decides to do a ton more with the character but somehow I doubt that will be the case.

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