Spoilers: Thanos #16, I am not Worthy!

Thanos #16 (available on eBay) is in stores tomorrow and features the origin of Frank Castle, The Cosmic Ghost Rider. It also contains a big surprise ending.

Spoilers follow. the spoiled images are protected behind the spoiler warning, just click on them for the unredacted images. The accompanying text is not redacted, proceed at your own caution.
Once upon a time, there was Old Man Castle. He fought his war, and was called upon to fight Thanos when he came to take over the earth.
Reference to the Button
The results were not so good.
Reference to the Button
He made a deal

And as a result.

Someone else came to Earth, but not for his normal reason.

And then this happened.

Meanwhile, Thanos has been waiting for Silver Surfer to come put him out of his misery, and we get this….


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        1. The Fallen One was Galactus’ first herald. However, in issue 15, Thanos stated that the name Fallen One is a title and not a specific name. In this case, the Fallen One is none other than Silver Surfer.

  1. Y’know, I always read your Walking Dead spoilers, but I’m enjoying this Thanos series so much that I’m not clicking. Hitting up the LCS at 10:AM sharp and will probably read it as soon as I get to my car

  2. So the variant for Frankie’s that sold out in seconds for Thanos #17 is still available at 7ate9 if you missed out. Imagine they won’t be there long

    1. Im done with store variants. They are going to ruin everything! lol I would rather sink that money into a couple hot specs and flip, flip, flip. Or an older key.

      1. I just sold a Dollface Kickstarter and chipped up to a 9.6 ASM 361. Normally don’t buy books off flips but haven’t bought anything nice for myself in a couple of days.

        1. Noice, Tony. About 1 1/2-2 years ago i bought an ASM 361. I had a 2nd already from my youth. I sold the 2nd print when venom movie was announced. The money i made off selling the 2nd almost paid for the 1st i bought a year previous

  3. I’ve been keeping at least one, “Thanos,” on hand from #13 on and hope to have a nice valuable set by the time Cates is done with his run. This series has been straight-up fire!

  4. Whoa!!!! I’m sure the last page will be the cover for the 2nd printing.
    Don’t snooze on the Thanos 2nd and 3rd prints, and eventual 4th. The print runs gotta be insanely low

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