Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 175th edition of the open forum!
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?
Here are my pickups for the week so far:

144 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

      1. My brother and sister in law sent us the Infinity gauntlet oven mitt that was recalled by Loot Crate. They said to give it to my 3 year old to play with since it was recalled. I was like yeah…no. Its going on my wall.

      1. I don’t think they do…they all light up and have sounds when you press them I believe. Inside has levers for your fingers that control the giant fingers of the gauntlet. It should be available for sell soon.

  1. Probably be a light week for me….Sent some books off to CGC and they state the books have been graded but they are now in “quality control” so I won’t know the grades given until they are done with that phase…. Oh, the anticipation! I guess that’s half the fun.

    1. Checked the status of those books and both the Hulk 181 and ASM 129 received universal 9.0 grades. Was expecting a 8.0 to 8.5 on the 181 and hoping for a 9.2 on the 129. All things considered very happy with the results. Bought both these books decades ago and it cost almost as much to grade them as it did to originally purchase them. Funny how that works.

      1. That’s why I don’t use graders that charge % of a books value. That’s like buying a car wash but since yours is a Mercedes they charge you 1000% more. I had both those same books graded elsewhere all though yours are much nicer than my copies, cost me about $25 each.

      2. Yeah, CGC does charge a bit of a premium. I really only did it because they were at a local con where I could drop them off in person and not have to worry about mailing them. I still think I prefer CBCS overall but if I ever decided to sell…and I doubt I will ever sell these, CGC does bring a greater return overall. Also, wanted to get these graded for insurance purposes. I live in fire country and have had two close calls over the past ten years…Where literally houses a couple blocks away burned down… Need to properly value my collection now…Probably should have done it a while back. Having books certified always help when it comes to insurance companies. Gotta say the new GCG cases are very sturdy.

      3. Yeah, Have a fire safe as well…for the more valuable comics, important papers, emergency money and photos…. Worry a bit about the books that are not too valuable that are left out in short boxes. It is just time to get everything assessed and look into how I can expand home owners insurance to cover it all in case of fire or flood.

      1. I sent Anthony pics on Facebook. Maybe he can post them up here. As I’m terrible with figuring out how to do that.

    1. That’s love right there.. but if I bought my wife a BA#12 CGC 9.8 she would divorce me for two reasons:
      1. She doesn’t collect comics
      2. The price of said comic.
      Wait a minute.. I think I know how to become free once again.. 😛

      1. That’s the plus of my wife. We share that hobby. Except hers is more if it’s Harley Quinn and has the 90s animated series look to it, she will get it. Thanks to Alana, I got her the first AF. I got the book for under 2k. Couldn’t say no.

  2. I’ve had the most phenomenal week ever. After a week of back and forth with a Craigslist seller I landed a deal for 2400 comics for $800. He had sent me a spreadsheet with the comics in it. In box 4 one of the books was The Walking dead #1 I didn’t want to ask for a pic of it but the need to know won over and I asked for a pic of it, he said he would send it but never did. A couple days later he asks if we are still go for the Comics and I say sure. So I make the 2 hour drive to pick them up and the first box I dig through is box 4. There it was in all its glory. The walking dead #1. I couldn’t fork over the dough fast enough. Also had a few other goodies in the lot. Needless to say I’ve been smiling for a week straight and today I get back 3 books signed by Stan lee all graded out at 9.8!!! Whoop!

        1. Lol. I sparked something by using it. I was a die hard Simpsons fan for the longest time, from the beginning, but have fell off in recent years. I still quote the hell out of the Simpsons though.

      1. Haha you’ll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers. Other highlights were marvel super heroes winter special, 2 copies of uncanny 266, almost complete runs of preacher and y the last man. Thought about you Poyo cuz ex machina 1 was in there too.

        1. I have my NM+ of Ex Machina. Its a beautiful copy. I have full run of Y as well… All 9.6 or better for most part.
          I’m still working on WD complete set but man… I might not bother now since both the comic and show arent as appealing to me as they once were.

      2. Amen to that Poyo. I’m selling all of my WD books from 127 and on. And I just removed it from my pull when I switched stores.

      3. I have a 9.6 PGX Graded TWD #1 Im looking to trade for a equivalent priced Silver age first appearance like a 1st ant man, a better 1st Supergirl, Showcase 22, a low 1.5-2.0 grader Thor 0r a 1.0 Hulk or a decent copy of hulk 181 to replace my crappy copy. We can trade thru Anthony let me know ?

        1. My silver collection is non existent. When I got back in the comic game 5 years ago it was mostly picming up new stuff to read. Then I started buying new moderns to collect. Then this guy named Anthony kept telling us how to flip hot modern books…. I really would like to focus more on older key silver and bronze books for the collection.

      4. Poyo I’m getting into Bronze Age stuff myself. Not gonna go to silver until I’m stuff and know my Bronze Age stuff. It’s crazy because it feels like a while other world.

        1. I barely have time in keeping up with modern stuff… My silver and bronze age focus will likely come afyer I’m already dead. 🙁

    1. Very Nice! My craigslist encounters are never as good (comic buying guys, get your head out of the gutters) I did get a nearly full run of Akira out of a $20 box of comics off craigslist.

  3. Wsup CHU. I’ve been absent for a few weeks and missed reading all the posts. Work is a beast sometimes. My story for the week is that I thought I bought ASM 795 when it came out but apparently didn’t. So getting back to town from work, two weeks late, I desperately checked some of my major spots and of course all sold out or up on the wall already. I went to a new place down the street that just opened up a few months ago that is more of a gaming place than comics (which is why it wasn’t already on my radar) but they are new and trying to make it in the world. They had several copies available. Score! I bought most of them but left a few because I asked them if they sold anything online and they said they do. After I bought mine I told them what they were going for online and trying to throw them a bone. They were pleased for the news but said that no matter what they would keep them at cover price at their store to please their customers (which are probably very few at this point). This was a refreshing moment that I needed. Some honest people, following their passion, and trying to do right by the customer. I will likely do a few subscriptions there just to help them out.
    Don’t know what I will get tomorrow, but wanted to give a shout out to local/family owned LCSs that gave most of us the start in collecting comics, especially when you really put the customer first.

    1. I have told several smaller stores that they had money on their shelves. One spot I know longer go to would take the books and just put them back the next week. I would end up buying them. It’s still good karma though. Hope the comic gods continue to smile on you (work sucks for me right now too, but not CHU work). Welcome back.

      1. I’m also in San Diego, CA. I’m just doing this office space planning for a client and need to go up to there new warehouse and take measurements to layout the office furniture and cubicles. So I’ll be in Temecula all day.

      1. When I moved to San Diego, I started with San Diego Comix. Then I went to Southern California comics, after that I went to villainous lair, but had to part out cuz they did me wrong on a book. After that, I went to Yesteryear comics till Mike screwed me over on the BA #12. Now I am back with Southern California comics LOL.

      2. I like Socal comics but it’s about a 25 min drive for me and don’t get off until like 8pm. I like my books on weds but I’ll look into them. I’m at comics n stuff right now. But their price gouging has me questioning them. They also forgot to put a Thanos 16 in my pull and have been selling their issues at $10 a pop at opening yesterday, for all who don’t have it on their pull. If they aren’t able to get me a copy for cover I’m moving.
        And yes Alana CHU unite!

      3. That’s the thing I hate about Comics n stuff. If a book is hot, they sell it at that price regardless if it’s a variant or not. I get lucky every now and then with there variants and only pay there 1:25 and 1:50 prices.

  4. I got a table at a local show in my area near the end of March. A space finally opened up, I’ve been waiting for a while. That’s good though it gave me time to get my stuff ready. I’ve got about 7 short boxes ready to go and maybe 3 or 4 more if I can get them ready in time.

      1. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I got everything priced to go, I’m thinking some of it might be too cheap. I’m blowing out a lot of Blackmask, haven’t decided if I’m going to take my Afterlife with Archie yet.

  5. What I’m mulling over this week, but may not buy all of:
    All-New Wolverine #31–I want that Hulk Smash Variant!
    Amazing Spider-Man #794–The 2nd print, to be specfiic
    Avengers #682–I’d love the, “Chase,” cover!
    Beef, The #1–Shaky Kane is always worth a look
    Doctor Strange #386–Awesome series
    Galatikon #5–A wacky series
    Hungry Ghosts #2–I need to read the first issue still, then I”ll know if I want this.
    Jessica Jones #17–Bendis is so good on solo books, yet sucks at writing teams
    Legion #2–Need to read #1, but love the character
    Long Lost #4–Gotta support the awesome publisher of SCOUT Comics
    Moon Knight #192–I actually made a blog post about how this latest run is just plain bad, but its Moon Knight so I’m still reading it (and Jacen Burrows at least has awesome artwork)
    Spawn #283–I’ll grab one if I can find it!
    Terrifics #1–The new DC book I’m most excited for out of other new ones lately!
    Thanos #16–Speccing’ HARD on this, as I said in another comment!
    Wilds #1–Vault is a reliably odd publisher with a delightfully quirky assortment of titles.

    1. I was told by one shop they might have them later on today. But yes, no shops even have theirs in hand yet to my knowledge. Stupid Diamond..

  6. Last week, I went to the 2018 Image Expo in Portland, OR which was labeled as celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Image since there was no Expo last year during its move to Portland. This is really Image’s 26th year. It was my first time going. It was $100 for a VIP ticket which included the 3 exclusive comics, a bag, a pint glass (annoying to carry around all day), a pin, and a box lunch which was not so great but billed as a $17 value. The only other advantage to the VIP pass was getting to sit closer to the stage for the announcements.
    The first half of the Expo was the announcements. Then there was a break for lunch while retailers and reporters had access to the creators and the retailer exclusive books, B&W versions of what I got in my swag bag as a VIP. Once the retailers and reporters left, there really weren’t many people left to stay for the fan signings and panels.
    The first signing panel included Todd McFarlane, Rick Remender, and Rob Guillory. Security tried hard to limit items being signed to one personal item + whatever you bought at the show. There was a small stack of the color Spawn 283 for $10 each. Many creators brought posters to sign for free, but I didn’t feel like lugging them around without a roll tube and I have no more wall space to display. I made sure to say, “Hi,” to Rob Guillory for Poyo, but Poyo may not fully appreciate the book I had him sign. I have a love/hate relationship with Todd McFarlane. I respect what he has done and created; with Spawn 301, he is surpassing Dave Sim’s 300-issue run with Cerebus. However, I dislike how he handled his relationship with Neil Gaiman.
    I wish I knew that JH Williams III was a surprise guest beforehand. I would have brought my Sandman Overtures for signing. I met Nick Pitarra who drew me a sketch from his new book, Leviathan. I tried to give him a bit of money for it, but he refused to accept. I also got books signed by Gerry Duggan. Robert Kirkman had no official signing, instead preferring to hang out in the Creator Lounge, but I hit him up to sign a few books after his panel. He hinted very strongly that he was tired of zombies after 9 seasons of TWD. On a side note, I collect first published works, so I brought those to get signed for some of the creators.
    Spawn #283 Image Expo color variant signed by Todd
    The Wicked + The Divine 1923AD Image Expo color variant
    VS #1 Image Expo color variant
    THE LAST SIEGE ashcan signed by Landry Walker & Justin Greenwood
    The Image Expo Preview book (these may become something to look for since they were not set out until just before the last panel after most people had left)
    TODD MCFARLANE: The Artist Within Dark Horse Photo Book (Todd expressed surprise that the photo used in the book did not censor the comic release schedule pictured in the corner as all other uses of the picture were blacked out) and Coyote 11, Todd’s first published work (Todd stated that he completed the cover for Coyote 13, his first published cover, before 11, but the publisher had him go back and redo another artist’s work for 11 & 12)
    ROBERT KIRKMAN: TWD 1 WW Portland variant also signed by Michael Golden & Tony Moore, TWD 1 10th Anniversary, & Battle Pope 1 (Image)
    ROB GUILLORY: Guardians of Knowhere Gwenom variant (sorry Poyo); Rob stated he had not seen one in a while
    GERRY DUGGAN: Deadpool 1 Skottie Young cover also signed by Brian Posehn & Skottie Young & Tony Moore, Deadpool 1 Geoff Darrow cover also signed by Brian Posehn, The Last Christmas 1 (his first published work remarked Season’s Beatings!)
    RICK REMENDER: LOW 1 Newbury variant (one of my favorite covers), Captain Dingleberry 1 (his first published work; see where personal collections can lead you?)
    JH WILLIAMS III: The Artist Within Dark Horse Photo Book (he’s not in the book, but should be so I had him sign inside the cover)
    Monstress 14
    Multiple Warheads Ghost Throne 1 (Brandon Graham)
    Kid Lobotomy 5 (Brandon Graham variant)
    Sex Criminals 22 NSFW
    Rat Queens 8 (both covers)
    Saga 49
    Rick & Morty 35
    Terrifics 1 (only for Plastic Man)
    Gwenpool 25 (to pair with the Secret Secret Wars cover)
    Legion 2
    I also bought Metallica tickets to the Portland show so I could take my daughter.

      1. I’ve been collecting for a while and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to see him. I was able to get an extra signature out of him by presenting his first published work, but he would not sign any more. I had also brought his first published cover which is still unsigned.

    1. Did I see you say you got an ashcan and had it signed? I have a soft spot for ashcans and if you ever want to sell or trade it would gladly take it off your hands for some cash or another book!

      1. I picked up a couple of extra unsigned Siege ashcans I’m willing to let go. if you use Hangouts, you could send me a message.

      1. Oh, I have a suspicion that they’re willing to sell you any rare/limited variant for $25 + shipping. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone is getting anything at all from these “sellers” (actually, it’s probably just one seller with 2 accounts).

  7. This weeks picks (That I can’t pick up until Friday) are:
    Action Comics #998
    Detective Comics #975
    Mera: Queen of Atlantis #1 – Both Covers
    Spectacular Spider-Man #300
    Redneck #10
    Spider-Man/Deadpool #28
    Darth Vader #12
    Thanos #16
    Avengers #682
    Despicable Deadpool #295
    Flash #41
    Hellblazer #19
    What a cromulent list that will embiggen my collection!

  8. Good week for spec and reading!
    Avengers 682 (Chase variant X 2)
    Thanos #16 (Cosmic Ghost Rider Origin! X4)
    Thanos #15 (2nd print)
    Spawn 283 (B&WX2)
    Doctor Strange
    Darth Vader
    Wonder Women (Frison cover)
    BTW, none of the shops that I visited had Amazing Spider-Man #794 2nd print.
    A couple of stores that I visited were also limiting Thanos books to 1 per customer which was actually okay because I was able to get a copy.
    Was lucky to find 2 copies of Avengers secret variant on shelf, thanks for the heads up Wednesday Open Forum! You guys rock with all the information to keep us spec folks on our toes!
    Good hunting everyone!

  9. Been tryin to cut back on how much I order, but as many here know it’s difficult. Not to mention MARVEL is killin it right now with stuff. Spiderman is too hot to ignore. Been putting together small sets of books too, miniseries to see if they can sell.
    Some of my orders:
    Chasing Hitler #4
    Iron Maiden #3 of 5
    Mera cover B Art Germ
    Infinity Prelude #2
    Beef #1
    Thanos #15 2nd print
    Batgirl #20 Middleton
    ASM 797 (first four covers at Midtown. I like that Ed McGuiness variant with Red Goblin pictured) NEXT WEEK

    1. I hate to say it but how can you not. It is one of the most iconic horror covers in Comics is exceptionally rare to find a real one and I have a feeling the reprint will go up in value

      1. I’ve noticed that reprints of a lot of big books – Action 1, Tec 27, X-Men 1 all seem to be going up in price. Anyone else notice that?

        1. Yes. People can’t afford the real deal and are looking to hold a piece of history. The reprints are limited so people will buy them and they can become rare. But yes, I have noticed classic reprints becoming of value. Haunted Horror comic is what got me into the reprints.

      2. The Canton Street Press reprint of Black Cat Mystery 50 is usually listed for $50-75. These reprints have an original price of $14.99. I never really picked up reprints until I found a reprint of Police Comics 1 and a reprint of Feature Comics 3 (Popeye and the Jeep). Those are both moving up in value too.

      1. My lcs had it in the back room. The one they got came in a damaged package, but the book itself was untouched. New bag and board and everything was fine.

  10. Landed all the books that I had on my list, plus a couple extra. Thanos #16 was sold out, Infinity War Prelude #2 was sold out, and Terrifics #1 was sold out. There were one or two copies of Alisik #1 displayed but I passed. Here’s the list:
    FLASH #41 VAR ED
    MOTHERLANDS #2 (OF 6) (MR)
    SAGA #49
    REDNECK #10
    ROYAL CITY #10
    THANOS #16 LEG
    X-MEN BLUE #22 LEG

  11. The Thanos variant #17 that quickly sold out today is till available ar 7ate9 I bought a set also got the whole set of Young Guns variants at the LCS today

    1. 26 left in stock and a couple cgc 9.8 ones too. 1:30 am in the UK where the store is located I’m sure they will be gone when the UK wakes up.

  12. Is there anyone here with a video or link to help a noob with shipping? I want to make sure my books are shipped safe and secure and at rate that isnt breaking the bank

        1. I use Gemini mailing boxes. They cost me about .60 cents a piece and I build the cost into my shipping price. I order 100 at a time. But for free you need large flat rate boxes. These can be cut in half at the middle flap and cut in half again. Then you take two of the quarter boxes. Put the comic face down on one of the quarters. Tape it on the top and bottom and on the non-spine side. Tape the quarter with the comic to another quarter. This gives you four layers of cardboard. Place in an envelope or a flat rate envelope and ship. I used to do this when I was starting out or when I run out of Gemini mailers. I can do a picture post showing it if you need it. Let me know.

    1. I’ve never seen anyone talk about the Office Depot document mailers. They are perfect for Comics. You secure the books in some cardboard or put them in a padded envelope you cushion with some extra paper in the box and you’re still under 16 ounces as long as you only have up to 2 comics, so you can ship First Class postage instead of paying out the nose for Priority.

  13. I had a good week, I think. I hit the shops early ‘n hard today. There, for the second week in a row, was a lot of new faces at the local LCS’. Nice to see. I was looking for a few books today, focusing on these, as my short term memory sucks and I always walk out of each shop having forgotten something. My pick ups this week were:
    PC ‘n Readers
    Doctor Strange #386
    The Amazing Cerebus #1, ASM 300 Homage
    Vader #12
    Detective #975
    All New Wolverine #31
    Avengers #682
    G.I. Joe #247-#249, to go with my #244-#246 set, Im gonna read this arc on Anthonys recomondation
    Spec. Spidey #300A
    Thanos #16
    Batgirl #20B
    Specs ‘n Flips
    Batman Annual #2
    Thanos #16 x8
    Thanos #15 2nd x6
    Thanos #14 2nd x1
    ASM 794 2nd x5, with potentially 2 more coming
    Spawn #283, Colour x8, B&W x7
    Mera #1, Artgerm x3
    White Knight #3 3rd
    Batgirl #20B
    Avengers #682 Secret Variant
    Avengers #675
    BP #170 Checchetto YG Variant
    ASM #796, 1 shop got some replacements for damages and I was able to grab 1 of them
    Venom #155 2nd, this is slowly gaining heat, Mattina et al.
    Rick and Morty #35B, i decided with last issue to jump on the R&M train, Im gonna buy the b cover for each issue, see where it goes in a year or two
    ANW #31 Hulk Variant x2
    I hit 9 different shops today to avoid clearing any shelves, so it was a good day overall. I only listed some Spawn sets today and already sold 2 in about 1 hour, and I am only about $5 short of my initial investment on all the copies I bought today, and I only have 11 left. I love you 2018 spec!

      1. I did clear a few shops of their Spawns, but they only had 1 set to start. I figure i have every right to clear it if its the only one. 3s not bad either, imo.

      1. Its not that hard for me actually. 5 are located within, probably 20 km of each other. All just off the highway. My wednesday routine has me at one shop for open @ 10. In and out. Down the street 3 blocks to store 2, 2 blocks back to highway, drive 5 minutes down 2 exits and im at shop 3 at 10:50ish, over across the street to the big store that opens @ 11. I then head back to hwy, head back home and hit 1 more small shop at the mall, directly off hwy, then i hit my main lcs last as he has everything i want pulled for me already. It takes me about 2 1/2-3 hrs. Home by 12:30-1. Those are all south of me. I can then go north to 1 small shop about 10 minutes away. I have 2 shops about 45 km away to the west of me that i also can get most books pulled via email at any time, which i visited today in the afternoon. And i have 2 more shops the east of me about another 45 km away. I can get some books reserved at 1 shop there, and the other is my honey hole. I go out that way maybe once a month. I sell a lot of moderns so ive worked my schedule so i have wednesdays off to focus on buying, reading and selling comics. Its the best part time job ive ever had, and it pays well.

  14. LCS
    Redneck 10
    Saga 49
    30 Days Of Night Vol 3 #2 Cover B Variant Piotr Kowalski & Aurore Folny Cover
    Action Comics Vol 2 #996 Cover A Regular Dan Jurgens & Trevor Scott Cover
    Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #797 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover NEXT WEEK
    American Flagg #1
    Avengers Vol 6 #683 Cover A Regular Mark Brooks Cover (No Surrender Part 9) NEXT WEEK
    Backways #2
    Betty & Veronica Vixens #3 Cover B Variant Sandra Lanz Cover
    Black Magick #10 Cover B Variant Tula Lotay Cover
    Black Science #34 Cover B Variant Marcio Takara Cover
    Dept H #22
    Dollface #12 Cover E Variant Chad Cicconi Pin-Up Cover
    Doomsday Clock #3 Cover A Regular Gary Frank Cover
    Fantomah #4 Cover A Regular Djibril Morrisette Cover
    Flash Vol 5 #39 Cover A Regular Carmine Di Giandomenico Cover
    Forevers #5
    Gasolina #5
    Gideon Falls #1 Cover C Variant Jock Cover NEXT WEEK
    Imaginary Fiends #3
    Jughead The Hunger #3 Cover B Variant T Rex Cover
    Kid Lobotomy #4 Cover B Variant Rory Phillips Cover
    Luke Cage #169
    Maestros #4
    Meteor Swarm #1 Cover A Regular Richard Bonk Cover
    Monstress #13
    Ninja-K #3 Cover B Variant Lucas Troya Cover
    Phoenix Resurrection Return Of (Adult) Jean Grey #4 Cover C Variant Victor Hugo Connecting Cover
    Pitiful Human-Lizard #17 Cover A Regular Jason Loo Cover
    Postal #25
    Regression #6
    Shadow Vol 7 #6 Cover A Regular Kelley Jones Cover
    Sherlock Frankenstein And The Legion Of Evil #4 Cover B Variant Jeff Lemire Cover
    Sleepwalker #31
    Southern Bastards #19 Cover B Chip Zdarsky
    True Believers Venom vs Spider-Man #1 NEXT WEEK
    X-O Manowar Vol 4 #11 Cover A Regular Lewis Larosa Cover

  15. Infinity War prelude #2
    The Wilds #1
    Black Panther #170 young guns
    Thanos #16
    Moon Knight #192
    Avengers #682
    Peter Parker #300 blank
    Doctor Strange #386

    1. Lol, sounds like voice to text is messing up on you. If I voice to text in my car without the seatbelt on (I know, I know) the bell comes up on my voice to text as “All, All, All”

  16. Hey did anyone else have Batman 41 out on their shelves this week? I picked mine up but looking at midtown it is scheduled to be released this next Wednesday.

    1. Never mind, 41 is already out with 42 scheduled for this week but Midtown has the same cover art posted from 41 for 42.

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