Fan Expo Store Shows Off Fan Expo Exclusives

Con Season is here. Not everyone can make it to everyone, but see is your chance to get one cool exclusives. Fan Expo Store has sent us the lineup for their upcoming exclusives. These two new books will debut at Toronto Comicon, March 15th-17th, and Fan Expo Dallas, April 6th-8th.
Both of the following exclusives can be pre-ordered now at the Fan Expo Store now, but with a limited supply while they last.
First up is Action Comics #1 cover by Tony Daniel. Available in regular and acetate edition. This is the third in their series of “DC First Appearances” which have included Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman.

Next up is ASM #797 variants by Gabrielle Dell’Otto.  These are available in regular and virgin editions.


6 thoughts on “Fan Expo Store Shows Off Fan Expo Exclusives”

  1. I still have all these foil BA #12s from their past expos never sold a single one have 2 of first foil 4 of the second foil. That ASM #796 virgin Variant with Red Goblin is ticking up has sales at $75 now.

    1. I don’t know they ever release the print runs of the variants. Normally Marvel variants are 3000/1000 but I can’t say for sure.
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  2. the a.s.m. looks #awesomesauce. I did well witht he b.a. #12s love you guys blind adam out

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