Kaare Andrews Covers Action Comics #1000

We have talked about the “decade variants” for Action Comics #1000, but now we have an exclusive look at the Kaare Andrews exclusive cover for Action Comics #1000 for Third Eye Comics. Andrews did the awesome cover Superman holding the flag on Action Comics #997

Kaare Andrews has been doing the B covers for Action Comics, and if you have been collecting them, this will keep the set going.
The Action Comics #1000 Kaare Andrews Exclusive (available on eBay) is available from Third Eye Comics on their eBay site for pre-order.
We will have a couple of copies of this cover to give away in the near future so keep your eyes open for that.

8 thoughts on “Kaare Andrews Covers Action Comics #1000”

      1. I agree with JayClue….supporting a local store is very important, but I certainly wouldn’t be loading up on this cover…..it’s just plain awful.

  1. Love it ! The Andrews run on Action is iconic and bound for the PC. The people at Third Eye run are top notch too. One of my favorite stores. ??

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