Mel V's Variant Picks for March 7th, 2018

What Up CHU Mel V here with your weekly Variant picks for March 7th, 2018. I’m on the move so I’m gonna get right to it this week.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #797 Cover D Incentive Ed McGuinness Design Variant Cover (available on eBay) – I think this one will have legs for the Red Goblin Completest or debaters. He is on the cover of this issue the first time in any Marvel direct book and not a store variant.. let the debates begin again. ONLY TIME WILL TELL

Ballad Of Sang #1 Cover B Variant Marley Zarcone Cover– The premise of the book caught my attention.. picking up both covers to see what it does in the future

Spider King #1 Cover C Incentive Skottie Young Variant Cover (available on eBay) – Skottie Young has a great fanbase, book could be tough to track down ..keep an eye on this

Superman Vol 5 #42 Cover B Variant Jonboy Meyers Cover (available on eBay) – Boyzarro… both covers look great to be honest, could be a key in the future. Buy and hold

11 thoughts on “Mel V's Variant Picks for March 7th, 2018”

  1. The Adi Granov cover for Infinity Countdown #1 is pretty sweet IMO. I know its not a variant but the cover on She-Hulk 163 is nice as well

    1. Agreed. Thats a nice Razzah cover on She-Hulk. The artist who does the interiors on that book, Jahnoy Lindsey, lives local to me. Im gonna get a copy signed. She-Hulk is his first work at Marvel and i think his art is pretty solid.

  2. superman #42 all the way. bizzaro me bizzaro for bizzaro bizzaro make the money bizzaro get the ladies bizzaro blind adam out

  3. Thanks Mel. Overall the ASM is the one to get. I like the Superman but the whole boyzarro or bizzaro is just retardo, they should have quit alongtimeago, I’ll pass and go for batmando.

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