Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 176th edition of the open forum!
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?
Here are my pickups for 3/7/18 so far:

111 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. This weeks pickups…..
    Thanos #11 2003 1st unworthy Silver Surfer
    Infinity Gauntlet #1 NM already have one but not NM $25
    Moon Girl #28 x3 on the hunt for more at the LCS tomorrow
    Captain Marvel #50 off of Anthony’s recommendation $7
    Vindicators #1 x7 cover A 1st Pickle Rick will take the whole stack at the LCS tomorrow too.
    Spidey #798 Young GuNs Red and Green Goblin cover are this open order now seller had 100
    Spidey #797 Young GuNs reserved at the LCS
    Annabelle doll to go with the Chucky doll
    Any comic store owners here, if you could answer why do so little amount of comic shops not have an online store on their websites?

    1. Nooo, Alana. Dont be ‘that guy’ and clear the rack at your LCS on release day. You already have 7, leave some for the other customers. Geez.

      1. You’re good Alana. Clear them out. Everyone had the same chance to preorder. It’s not your fault they’re not on top of things.

    2. I believe the ASM 797 Kuder Young Guns Variant is the last of the 2-4 per stores. And starting with ASM 798 Kuder is doing a series of open order Young guns variants.

    3. I can’t speak for all shops but I mentioned this to the owner once who ran Capstone Comics before they closed shop. As almost a one man team (usually had just 2 other people helping out), doing online orders and running a brick and mortar shop was near impossible for him he says. He said he would have to hire another person just to handle online orders and shipping and the payoff would probably put him in the hole further since he’d be competing with the other online giants like Midtown, TFAW, etc.

    4. The cost of running a online store vs the expected return on investment. Given that there are plenty of large shops that already have that market cornered, it’s not worth the investment the return on investment.

  2. Ive decided to invest in a NYX3. Im going to go to my local con in Toronto next weekend to pick one up. Im probably looking at 9.6 price range. Im excited.

      1. Logan was made by Fox, since Disney bought Fox Movies, i think she will be on the silver screen in a few years. That book can only go up. I collect X23 for my PC and the next spike this book has will take it out of my price range. Gotta get it now.

      2. It’s a good book to own mine came back from graders as a 9.2 was hoping for 9.8. I think we will get a solo movie of here with maybe even Gabby and Daken.

      3. I absolutely love Gabby. Her and Deadpool are a great pair in the ANW books. Their interactions had me literally laughing out loud.

      1. JayClue…..sorry for responding late…..i just sold one of them. he offered me 1050 canadian or 825 american. i took the american.

    1. I’ve got a 9.8 candidate sitting at CBCS for slabbing. It’s been there since mid September. That’s what I get for wanting to have everything pressed prior to slabbing.

      1. When I use PGX my turn around is about 45 days with pressing and shipping to and from. I have the owners direct email so anytime I think I’m waiting too long I send him a msg and he gets it going.

  3. What are people thinking the quick flip of the week will be. 797 seems like an easy answer but I think the cats out of the bag and more people will get it at cover instead of secondary market. thoughts? Side question. I got 2 copies of moon girl 28 flip or sit on? Any comments are greatly appreciated

    1. At least sell one Moon Girl I would say keep one for the PC since it’s a low print first appearance, it could break $100 due to the low print will see if a bunch of copies are listed tomorrow after The Wednesday LCS visits. If not many are put up might want to keep both. Vindicators #1 will be the flipping book this week I believe… sold out everywhere Pickle Rick is the most popular of all characters on Rick and Morty it will be the first appearance to own in that series outside of the mini comic The Good Morty and Rick and Morty #1

    2. As Tony said, flip your 797s but keep one. Same with MG28, sell 1, keep 1. The ASM 300 True Believers will be a constant flip to. R&MV#1 will be hot, and cant go wrong with Avengers, but ive read that there is no immortal hulk in 683.

      1. Immortal Hulk showed up in Avengers 682, last week. I think the market is settling on that issue as being his ‘1st’, or whatever. He does appear in several panels in that book and is introduced as such too. The big full panel of IH that appears in the end of 682 is also being used as the 2nd print cover image. Apparently he doesnt show up again in 683. We will see for sure tomorrow.

  4. I went to my lcs today to secure some vindicators but she hadn’t ordered any, she was able to place an order for 3 copies for me and received confirmation for them. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I was able to snag a Frank Miller’s Xerxes ashcan while I was there. That was sweet.

    1. My LCS ordered my one this am as well. It sort of snuck up on me.
      The ashcan will be in my box because I have an arrangement. I get a copy of any ashcan that arrives. If it’s one per store it’s mine by default. Mwah ha ha ha haaaaa!!!

  5. With the new R and M book getting all this heat, I was wondering if anybody knows if a definitive answer was found for “The Good Morty” mini. Is there a way to determine which are originals and which are fakes? I read stuff about the amount of staples, skin color, et cetera, but I’ve yet to see a point by point guide.

    1. I know mines real it came in the unopened dvd. Haven’t heard much about fakes for it. The Xmen Red #1 virgin Variant from Hong Kong is shipped so waiting to see if it is fake.

      1. Alana, the X=Men Red is fake. Sorry to bear bad news, but Vann has clearly shown the math on the numbers of that seller and his ‘buddy’. Its fake. You shouldnt buy them, knowing they are fake. It only encourages the seller and other unsuspecting buyers who see his sold numbers go up. Stop giving those sellers validation. Bad for the hobby.

      2. You know he is still selling them – just sold another 40+. He must have been close to selling 200 copies by now. Too bad ebay is not taking fraudsters seriously.

      3. Im done with store exclusives, so I need not worry about these fakes. I would suspect most people would realize that buying something from China, is most likely a knock off. But then again, the people buying them at the discounted price might not have the best intentions themselves. Buyer beware, I guess. PS Im not insinuating that Alana has bad intentions with the purchase of hers. I know she is a die hard collector.

    2. I actually called and talked with one of the graders at CBCS on this one. I purchased a sealed DVD with the mini comic in it, but it turns out the whole thing was fake. Once I researched how to tell it was pretty obvious… Anyway, CBCS, at least when I talked with them a few moths ago stated they simply won’t grade any of the “Good Morty” mini comics. Not sure if that has changed. They said anyone with a good printer can fake these since the quality (paper/ink) of the originals was never all that great to begin with. They basically said it was all a big mess and no real way to prove that first editions had only one staple as opposed to two that were showing up later on. They pretty much said they weren’t even going to bother with them. On a side note I tried to fake one with my printer and photoshop…I did it quickly and it came out pretty good….with some extra time and care these can be faked very easy. I destroyed the fake I made.

      1. Also, on that fake that I received, it was actually labeled as a blu-ray, but when booted up it would read “DVD”. The resolution was also sub HD, so that was a big tell it was fake.there were also visual mistakes on the box as opposed to the originals.

      2. Thank you for the information. Did the fake blu ray’s case have the bottom part of the back cover missing? I heard the fakes cut the feet off of the characters.

      3. Hi Wells…Yes it did. That one is a sure give away once you know what to look for, but bootleggers have gotten wise and are selling higher quality fakes with less or zero errors…as well as two staples in the mini comic with better color matching. I was surprised at how well the fake I attempted came out with just standard typing paper. I am sure if I took the time to find paper close to the original and color matched better I could have made a perfect to near perfect copy. After that making multiples becomes easy. I think if people really want R&M first appearances they stick to the first print #1.

  6. Comic shop pulls
    Vindicatiors 1 2x
    Spidey 795 second print
    Call of suicide forest 2
    Spidey 797
    Moon girl 28 sitting on shelf!
    Earlier this week 4x avengers prelude 1/2!
    There’s another 795 1:25 (keown) sitting in the shelf at 30 negociable..

  7. I’m passing on the True Believers. I don’t like replacing the original titles with the “Venom” ones, and I think it’s a mistake spec-wise. I’d rather have an Amazing Spider-Man 300 reprint not a Venom vs. Spider-Man book. I think secondary market will be turned off seeing actual trade dress for these.

  8. Went out to my LCS after reading the comments here about Moon Girl #28. Found 5. Gonna try to sell 3 right away and hold on to 2.

    1. First appearance of universe destroyer Omnipotentis Galactus is her herald like Silver Surfer is Galactus’s herald. So basically female Galactus.

      1. LOL. I thought JayClue was calling Rob a DOU because he scored 6 MG 28s, but now I realize he was correcting Alana. I’m an idiot, but it was funny.

  9. Somewhat heavy week for me as I ordered from about 5-6 different online places. Definitely some exciting specs this year:
    R&M Vindicators #1 x 4 (if the one online place fulfills the order)
    Spiderman all 3 covers x 2
    Spiderman Ed McGuiness Red Goblin cover variant
    Infinity Ms. Marvel Variant (Alex Ross)
    Chamber of Chills 19 reprint
    Batman White Knight both covers

  10. Another big week of purchases and specs!
    Amazing Spiderman #797 Red Goblin Design variant $4
    Amazing Spiderman #797 Thor variant $4
    Xerxes Ashcan (Frank Miller is back!!! Yeah!!!) $5
    Rick and Morty Vindicators Cover AX2
    Avengers #683 Brooks cover
    Walking Dead #177 Sienkiewicz variant
    Galaktikon #5
    Doctor Strange Damnation #2
    Spec pick ups from last week:
    Moon Girl #28 cover price
    Thanos #16X4 cover price (i’m going to sit on these until the new series comes out-I think they will go higher later because everyone loves an origin story)
    Purchased Thanos #17 Jones Silver Surfer variant for $12-cover looks beautiful
    Amazing Spiderman #796 ComicXposureX2 variants (in hand and great cover!)
    PC pick ups:
    Animal Man #3, #6, #10, #11-all done with Morrison’s run. Got these all in NM for less than the price of a Red Goblin Spiderman #796!!!
    Good hunting everyone!

    1. I ordered one of those JG Jones Thanos 17 variants too, too nice a cover to pass up.
      I think the regular version looks way cooler than the virgin

      1. I like trade dress more in general. I like the art, but imo, the trade dress is also art. Plus the trade dress makes it feel like a real comic book to me.

  11. Picking up:
    SIP XXV #2
    I Hate Fairyland 17
    Spread 25 (last issue)
    R&M Vindicators 1 (I have season tickets to the Portland Pickles baseball team)
    True Believers ASM 300
    Oblivion Song 1
    Recommendation to read:
    New printing of Scud the Disposable Assassin the Whole Shebang TPB. Scud will never go anywhere since Rob Schrab’s ex owns half of the rights. It is definitely worth picking up though since he often works with Dan Harmon. It has a similar feel as Rick & Morty.

    1. If anyone is in Portland, OR this weekend, I have a table at the Frankenstein Comic Swap on Saturday. If you mention CHU, I’ll give you a discount.

    2. Man. I still have most of the Original Issues of Scud. Fun fact. I submitted a story to Scud Tales From the Vending Machine. Fun Fact, it didn’t get printed and the book folded. (I don’t know if they ever read it or not)

  12. Going on vacation next week so I’m going to post my pickups for both weeks. As usual, I’m sure these lists will grow when I actually get to the shop. Lol.
    Today and next week I am getting :
    March 7:
    Batman 42
    Batman white Knight 6
    Bloodshot salvation 7
    I hate fairyland 17
    Image +
    Jughead the hunger 4
    Jusitce league 40
    Nightwing 40
    Oblivion song 1
    Spread 25
    Star wars 44
    Superman 42
    Spiderman 787
    Avengers 683
    Walking dead 177
    Wild storm 12
    And for March 14:
    Action comics 999
    Detective comics 976
    Manifest destiny 34
    Mister miracle 7
    Spectacular spider Man 301
    Spiderman/Deadpool 29
    Darth Vader 13
    Supergirl 19
    Avengers 684
    Flash 42
    Deadpool 296

  13. Landed most of what I wanted despite a few books selling out – ASM #797, Avengers #683, and Batman White Knight #6B all were sold out. Missed out on Prism Stalker #1 and the Rick and Morty book. I embiggened my collection with the following books:
    BANE CONQUEST #10 (OF 12)
    INJUSTICE 2 #21
    WILD STORM #12
    STAR WARS #44
    VENOM #163 LEG
    X-MEN GOLD #23 LEG
    THE TICK #3

  14. I hit up a couple shops before the snow started, neither had the ASM design variant but was able to get 2 of the Young Guns for cover and a Moon Girl 28 off the rack.
    Thanos 13 3rd print, ASM 795 2nd print, R&M Vindicators Cover A
    Decent day

  15. I wasn’t expecting “Highest House” to be magazine size. I kind of like it though and wish more titles would follow the format. It showcases the artwork and is easier on my 40+ yr old eyes ?

  16. Hold on to those moon girl 28, Well.. hold on to 1 at least, the flood has come and the price per sale is on the decline. Let it pass, have some patience and strike once some of those copies are bought up.

  17. Only two shops for me today……..
    White Knight #6b
    AMS #795 2nd , #797a, #797 design variant for $20
    Moon Girl #28 x2
    Infinity Gauntlet Prelude #1 and #2 x2
    The first shop I forgot to look for Vindicators #1 and the 2nd shop was sold out. Most of the shop’s I frequent only get 2 copies of Rick and Morty at the most, so I’m sure it was underordered. It was even sold out on the Oni website.

  18. Another long day out at the shops. When is the next 5th Wednesday? My pick ups this week are:
    PC & Readers
    Xerxes Ashcan, I got a beat up copy from one store to peruse at me leisure
    Venom vs Spider-Man TB #1, this is going in my ASM collection between #299 & #301, as my CGC #300 doesnt fit in the box.
    She-Hulk #163
    White Knight #6A
    ASM #797 Ross, Guinness, Kuder and Ramos
    ASM #795 2nd
    X-Men Red #2
    Avengers #683
    Star Wars #44
    Venom #163
    TWD #177
    X-Men Gold #New issue
    Specs ‘n Flips
    Superman #42B
    Avengers #679 2nd
    Avengers #682
    Ant-Man & Wasp Movie Prelude #1
    Xerxes #1 Ashcan
    Moon Girl #28
    Thanos #13 3rd
    ASM #794 ($8)
    ASM #794 2nd
    ASM #795 ($8)
    ASM #795 2nd
    ASM #796 Ross, Thor & McGiunness
    Thanos #13, Lenticular ($8)
    R&M: The Vindicators A&B
    Spidey vs Venom TB #1

    1. I need a fifth week but end up raiding the back issues. Had a shot at a decent first appearance of Black Cat last night and “slept on it” it sold.

      1. I bought my wife a 9.4 2 or 3 years ago. She has another ungraded copy as well. She fell in love with black cat after seeing JSC’s work.

      2. Recently I slept on an Omega Men #3, it sold. A TT12B, it sold. Theres more that I cant remember, but it has been happening a lot lately. Im trying not to stare too long at any one book now when Im at the LCS, lol. Also noticed a ton of new faces at the shops recently. I think its a lot of new speculators out for Red Goblin. They’re messing up my routine, lol.

      3. I passed on a 9.8 triple signed 1st Deadpool it was at $500. I have the book it’s not a huge deal mine came back a 8.5. It still sits at the shop but now the price tag says $900. So even if I made the $500 offer he would think I’m low balling him even though that was his price not to long ago.

    2. I also scored a big ass poster of the cover to ASM 797 w/ Trade dress, from one shop keep. Its hung in my comic room now. Its awesome.

  19. Had couple of meeting today so I was able to stop by at some comic shops and this is what I was able to get. ALL AT COVER PRICE…
    Rick and Morty: Vindicators #1 (both covers 6 sets)
    Pumpkinhead #1 ( A,B,C covers)
    Call of the suicide Forest #2 (both retailers incentive cover and regular) the incentive cover has some ink smear
    Moongirl #28
    Gideon Falls #1 (cover C)
    Avengers #682
    The ice cream man #1 (cover A)
    ASM #797 x2 ( was limited to 1 per customer)
    Out of the 5 stores I visited today, I was able to find 2 copies of ASM 797.

    1. My shops Call of Suicide Forrests #2 (5 reg, 1 incentive) all had baaaad scuffing all over the covers. I had to pass.

      1. The one I got only had it on the spine. Nothing to dramatic. Amigo just needs to print on higher quality paper. I has this problem with straight jacket as well.

  20. LCS
    Frankenstein Alive, Alive! 4
    Spread 25 B cvr
    Oblivion Song 1
    Gideon Falls 1 Lemire cvr
    Walking Dead 177 A cvr
    Marvel 2 in One 2
    Batman 42 var cvr
    Harley Quinn 39 reg cvr
    Action Comics Vol 2 #999 Cover B Variant Kaare Andrews Cover NEXT WEEK
    Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows Vol 2 #15
    Animosity #12
    Avengers Vol 6 #684 Cover A Regular Mark Brooks Cover (No Surrender Part 10) NEXT WEEK
    Beauty #19 Cover B Variant Baldemar Rivas Cover
    Big Trouble In Little China Old Man Jack #4 Cover A Regular Stephane Roux Cover
    Big Trouble In Little China Old Man Jack #5 Cover A Regular Rahzzah Cover
    CBLDF Defender Vol 3 #1
    Come Into Me #1 Cover B Variant Devmalya Pramanik Cover NEXT WEEK
    Comic Shop News #1604
    Dark Ark #5
    Dark Nights Metal #5 Cover B Variant Tony S Daniel Cover
    Defenders Vol 5 #9
    Despicable Deadpool #293 Cover A Regular Mike Hawthorne Cover
    Eternity #4 Cover A Regular Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic Cover
    Falcon Vol 2 #4
    Hack Slash Resurrection #4 Cover B Variant Arist Deyn Cover
    Incredible Hulk Vol 4 #712 Cover B Variant Adi Granov Avengers Cover
    Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 #596 Cover A Regular Mike Deodato Jr Cover
    Jessica Jones #16
    John Carpenters Tales Of Science Fiction Vortex #4
    Judas #4 Cover B Variant Jeremy Bastian Cover NEXT WEEK
    Kong On The Planet Of The Apes #5 Cover C Variant Robert Hack Pulp Cover NEXT WEEK
    Larks Killer #5 Cover B Variant Chrissie Zullo Cover
    Lazaretto #5
    Lost In Space Annual #1
    Moon Knight Vol 8 #191
    Old Man Logan Vol 2 #34
    Outcast By Kirkman & Azaceta #33
    Phoenix Resurrection Return Of (Adult) Jean Grey #5 Cover C Variant Victor Hugo Connecting Cover
    Promo Comic SyFys Krypton NEXT WEEK
    Punisher Platoon #5
    Punisher The End #1
    Quantum & Woody Vol 4 #2 Cover D Variant Nick Pitarra Cover
    Realm #5 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover
    Riverdale #10 Cover A Regular CW Photo Cover
    Silencer #1 Vertical Foldout Cover
    Spider-Gwen Vol 2 #28
    Supergirl Vol 7 #19 Cover B Variant Stanley Artgerm Lau Cover NEXT WEEK
    Tales Of Suspense #101 Cover A Regular Andrea Sorrentino Cover
    Uber Invasion #11 Cover E War Crimes Cover
    Underwinter A Field Of Feathers #4
    Void Trip #3
    Wonder Woman Vol 5 #42 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover NEXT WEEK

  21. My LCS wouldn’t let me stack em on a few books they let me have half of the Vindicators, and true believers. Also one Moon Girl #28 sitting on the shelf and the LCS owner even knew about the moongirl heat. He wanted to see if anyone knew to pick it up but not a single person had the knowledge to get it so 4 copies total of Moon Girl I’m happy.

    1. I ended up w/ 3 MG28s. 5 or 6 shops that I can visit dont order any Moon Girl. Very hard to find in my area. All 3 copies I got, I got on Sunday after calling and having them reserved. One shop said they pulled two copies for me but there was only 1 when I picked it up today.

    2. One shop I visited only let me get 2 copies of the Rick and Morty. They said “they limit to only 2 copies per client on ALL books on release date.” Which is B.S. since last week I bought more then 2 copies of another book. Oh well. I’m happy with what I have.

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