Quick Spoilers: Infinity Countdown #1

Infinity Countdown #1 is out tomorrow. It has a pretty big change for Groot.
Everyone’s favorite hominid tree gets a big transformation.
The issue features Groot and Rocket Raccoon fighting the Gardener, who has gone a little mad
Groot heals the Gardener

And it doesn’t go well.

But fear not, Groot returns in an entirely different way

5 thoughts on “Quick Spoilers: Infinity Countdown #1”

  1. This might be worth some money in a few years. It won’t be a huge key, but I think “First appearance of talkng Groot” will be noted in the comic book price guide.

      1. D’oh, you’re right. He was already talking in TTA 13. I keep thinking of the GOTG movies where he says the same sentence over and over again. OK, I guess Infinity Countdown #1 is destined for the dollar bins lol.

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