Spoilers: Walking Dead #177, A Whole Lotta Action

Walking Dead #177 is out this week and features quite a bit of action. Spoiled images are redacted, just click on the spoiler warnings, accompanying text isn’t. Read at your own discretion.
Like I said, this issue has a lot of action, look, Maggie is getting some action.

And we meet the Governor’s Son, who also is getting some action.

And we meet this guy, Mercer, the one from the cover. More on him later.

Meanwhile we learn more about Michonne’s past

And find out Michonne had another daughter, and her fate.

So far the new town has seemed nice. And since things in the Walking Dead are never as good as they look, back to Mercer, the guy from the cover.

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    1. I think it is a first appearance,, unless he appeared in the background of another issue He is the governor’s son’s bodyguard, so we meet him the first time I think.

  1. The comic without Negan is like the tv show episodes without Negan. Not as enjoyable and missing an element

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